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Best Short Bobs with Bangs, Bob Wig Haircuts And Hairstyles With Bangs For Beautyforever

How To Make The Bob With Bangs Yourself

The desire to change one’s look can’t be emphasized enough? In this quarantine, many people have decided to risk a hairstyle change at home, ranging from discoloring their hairs or wigs to cutting the bangs. Yeah, we know that the bangs have the power to give a lookup, but if done wrong it can become a nightmare.

With that in mind, we set up a do it yourself how to cut your bangs at home - and without mistakes! Here are the steps to go about doing your bob with bangs at home:


If you have specific hair scissors, great! Otherwise, I will advise that you make use of kitchen scissors that are sharp. The most important thing of all is not to use blunt scissors.

Cut Time

It's not just cutting the hair in a straight line, okay? There is a little secret for each desired style. The trick is to separate the strand of hair that you will want to cut. For that, this strand has to come from the top of the head towards the eyes. The deeper the strand starts, the more hair you will have for the fringe.

Things You Should Avoid

Well, first of all, avoid cutting your hair too much. In order not to make this mistake, you need to comb your hair and, most importantly, notice its natural trim. An important tip is to always cut a little longer than the length you want, to get it right at the height you really want.

Another insight is to take care when wetting the hairs before the process. If you choose to cut the bangs with wet hair, remember that you need to make the length a little longer, because when the hair dries, they shrink.


Well, we know that there are different types of bangs. For the side bangs, you should start with combing the part of the hair that will turn into bangs for the opposite side to which you usually wear it. Then, position the scissors diagonally, with the tip directed towards the nose.

If you want the frayed fringe, just cut with the scissor tip vertically. The direction of the cut is from the bottom up. On the arch bangs, line up the strands in front of your face and hold them at the tip of your nose. Then twist the strand and cut in a straight line. Always remember to go slowly and cut less until you reach the desired length.

How To Request The Bob With Bangs To The Stylist?

It all depends on how you want to wear it. The 3 coolest ways, inspired by celebrities, to carry bob with bangs are as follows:

Parades Points

The light-hearted bob with bangs look can be achieved with a slightly longer cut in the front, ripped ends and side-swept bangs. This version is the simplest and easiest to style, perfect for those who have little time to get ready!

With Curtain Fringe

The bob of 2020 needs a fringe and you can choose the one that best suits you. If you want to get out of the classic straight, paraded or sideways, go for a curtain that not only accentuates the eyes, it also provides a more tender touch!

In Layers

If you have a very heavy and voluminous mane, it is best to layer the bob with bangs. The key is that the layers look gradual and not marked, so that they melt into the hair and remove weight. Mind you, if you don't want to cut bangs you can make a fake one.

If you don’t have time to make your own bangs at home, or your own skills are not good, then I recommend you to buy beautyforever’s bob with bangs, we provide a variety of colors and styles, believe me you will not be disappointed!