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If you need to keep your hairstyle cute and looking for some hair inspiration, then take a look at these top cornrowed from beautyforever and our selection of products that will help you stay fresh throughout the summer.


Can Braided Wigs Look Natural?


The key to wearing any wig is to have a natural hairline. This is especially true for braided wigs, which is like the real style itself, which can show your scalp more. So how can braided wigs look natural? If you want to get that natural and perfect look, start under the wig, with the help of a wig cap-use a wig cap that is similar to your skin tone.


Choose a full lace wigs, or 13x6 lace front wigs. (The larger the area of ​​the lace, the better).


Braid your hair into small/medium braids-the smaller the braid, the better, because braided wigs can easily look bulky. The position of the braids is determined according to the size of the lace. If you are using full lace wigs, then you can braid the entire head, otherwise, braid the braids to the top of the head according to the size of the lace.


Put on a wig cap and spray glued freezing spray on your cap from ear to ear. Blow-dry the wig cap for about 10-15 minutes. Make sure your wig cap feels a bit hard and sticks to your head. If your hat is wet, please continue to dry your hat.


After spray drying, cut off the excess cap with an eyebrow razor to get a cleaner look. Use powder or foundation to blend the cap with the skin for a perfect transition. This can be done with a beauty blender or makeup brush. The beauty of braided wigs is that you can install them with or without glue.


Finally, put on a wig and safety comb or make sure that the adjustable shoulder strap is firmly attached to the head. Wrap the hair band around the edges and wait 15 minutes.


Which Braided Wigs Are Worth Trying?


Beautyforever Hair has one of the best knotless braided wigs you can buy. The base is designed with Swiss lace, with two adjustable shoulder straps, baby hair and two combs. When you install this braided wigs, you can apply some kind of foundation on the knot of the wig or bleach it according to your preference. When wearing braided wigs, align the front lace with the hairline to ensure the most natural look. As for the back, you can stick the lace on the nape or use the comb on the back without glue. And made of high-quality human hair.