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Clean Your Lace Front


Lace front wigs are known as seamless hairline and melting lace parts and are welcome by women around the world. High-definition lace front wigs are always delicate and fragile, which require more tender care to keep them good.

Cleaning lace front human hair wigs are one of the most important steps of maintaining and renewing lace front human hair, now please follow me and learn how to clean hair together.

Prepare these tools:

  1. Wide-tooth combs
  2. Mild shampoo
  3. Adhesive remover
  4. Towel
  5. Mental container


How to wash and clean your hair?

  1. Remove the lace front wig from your head with the help of adhesive remover. Apply adhesive remover along your hairline and smear it evenly on the lace area where you add glue to hold the hair in place.
  2. When you get rid of it from your head, put hair on the table and leave it alone for several minutes. Actually, it is convenient to remove the residue of glue or gel after they are dry and become a thin film.
  3. Peel the thin film with your finger. Remember, be gentle and slow down. It could save you time if the process goes well. Throw away the thin film and check whether all the remains are removed or not. If there is still little adhesive remains, go on to the next step.
  4. Soak this front lace human hair wig into a mental sink and add some adhesive remover to it. Soak the human hair wig for many hours to clean the residue completely.
  5. Apply mild shampoo, which is specially made for human hair wigs. Brush hair with a fingernail brush or rub it with your hand. Then, rinse your hair with lukewarm water.
  6. Warp hair and absorb the water with a towel.
  7. Air dry your lace front wig, put it on a wig hand, and wait for the next time to use it.

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