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What Are Coily Hair and How to Care for Them?

Cool, fun, and crammed with volume, coily hair can enhance the beauty of women making them appear unique and beautiful. They can add style and definition for ladies who often opt to do something different – different than normal. Moreover, ladies with coily hair don’t need to put much effort as the natural shape gives a ton of volume.

What Women Love About Coily Hair?

Coily hair is voluminous. Women blessed with coily hair don’t really have to struggle for volume. Coily hair can be styled to any type and to ‘perfection’. They also don’t really need hair sprays; their natural patterns do all the work flawlessly.

Coily hair is easy to style to various chic styles from twists, Bantu knots, big braids, mini braids, dreads, or perhaps an afro. There are countless ways to style coily hair that go with any skin, outfit and occasion. Moreover, coily hair more increased volume, distinct ringlets, and often a fuller body than typical curly hair.

How to Care for Coily Hair?

Coily curls are special and you love your curls. So here is what you can do to keep your curls all healthy and beautiful.

1. Oil Your Curls

It is always suggested to oil your curls to keep them nourishing, healthy and in a good condition. However, avoid over oiling as if you over oil your hair, the scalp will stop producing natural oil that too is healthy for your curls’ maintenance.

2. Moisturize Your Coily Curls

Moisturizing your coily hair is a little different from oiling. It is highly suggested to moisture your coils once a week and only with water. You don’t need to shampooing them often. Just make your hair wet with water once a week to help them get moist.

3. Eliminate Silicon

Haircare products containing ingredients that come with 'xane, 'one, or 'onol in their title must be avoided. They might mess up with your curls eventually affecting their length, volume and thickness.

4. Never Comb Hair Dry

Make sure you are combing your curls when they are wet and loaded with conditioner. It is also recommended to let them air dry to keep them in a good condition.

5. Evade Products Containing Mineral Oils

Why? Because mineral oils can be a tragedy to your organic coily curls. They also clog the scalp and reduce hair growth.

Hopefully, the guide provides you with enough detail on how to take care of your naturally-beautiful coily curls.