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Tip For Caring For Your Colored Wigs

If colored wigs are an essential part of your appearance, which you make use of almost every day, then it is imperative to learn how to care for the product properly. Observing elementary rules, you can extend the life of your colored wigs for many months, and possibly years.

How To Care For Your Colored Wigs

When using colored wigs, adhere to the following principles:

Protect them from stretching - control the size of the wig with straps, make sure that the fit of the product on the head is firm and comfortable. For better fixation of hair in windy weather, use additional means, for example, scarves.

● Take off and put on the wig very carefully, without rushing, to correctly fix it.

● Avoid storing the wig in direct sunlight or spilling hot, salty or chlorine-containing water on the wig, as this will fade the wig or discolor it.

● Protect the wig from sweat, and scalp from irritation will help special hats for the product.

● Try to take off your wig at night - the friction of artificial curls on a pillow can make strands brittle.

● If necessary, carry out restyling of your wigs with a specialist - this will help the look of the wig to always be fresh and modern.

The durability of wearing will ensure the purchase of two different colored wigs. It will also help to solve the problem of hairstyles during the washing and drying of one of the wigs.

Washing Of Your Colored Wigs

Colored wigs are unnatural hair and it is recommended that they are washed approximately once a week (when worn daily). You can do styling on the strands only after they are completely dry. Use special combs for your colored curls for this exercise.

● Avoid wearing your colored wigs near-boiling water, steam, or open flames.

● Washing your colored wigs can be carried out following these steps:

● Comb the strands, preferably with a metal comb.

● Pour water from 18 degrees centigrade into the basin, add shampoo.

● Wash your wigs.

● Rinse them in cool water.

● You can apply a balm or conditioner to your wigs.

● Wring out washed colored wigs in a towel, dry it without using heating devices.

Storage Of Your Wigs

Proper storage of your wigs is the key to their long-term use. It is best to store your colored wig on a stand or mannequin to maintain its shape. The base should not be less than the size of the wig, otherwise, it will stretch over time and become unusable. The stand must be kept out of direct sunlight in a cool dry place - moisture and sun contribute to the fading of colored wigs and their destruction.

Wig Care Products

For the care of wigs, it is not recommended to use conventional hair products - they have a harmful effect on the structure of the strands and shorten their wearing period. We recommend you to use standard hair care products, which will help to provide complete care for your colored wigs.

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