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Curly Hair

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Beautyforever 3 Bundles/pack Jerry Curly Virgin Human Hair Weave
124 Review(s)
Sold : 2141
Total Price: $64.50 / 3pcs
Beautyforever Brazilian Jerry Curly Human Virgin Hair Weaving 3Bundles Deals
144 Review(s)
Sold : 2942
Total Price: Total Price: $79.40 $62.73 / 3pcs
save: $16.67
Beautyforever Virgin Curly Hair Weave Unprocessed Human Hair 1Bundle
32 Review(s)
Sold : 2556
Total Price: $49.40 / 1pc
Beautyforever Malaysian Jerry Curly Human Hair 3 Bundles Weft Natural Color
60 Review(s)
Sold : 2082
Total Price: Total Price: $79.40 $62.73 / 3pcs
save: $16.67
Malaysian Jerry Curly Weave 4Bundles Deals Virgin Hair 1B Color
31 Review(s)
Sold : 2071
Total Price: $86.00 / 4pcs
Beautyforever 7A Malaysian Jerry Curly Virgin Hair 3Bundles Natural Color
35 Review(s)
Sold : 2369
Total Price: $70.30 / 3pcs
Beautyforever Brazilian Curly Human Hair Weaves 4Bundles Deals
26 Review(s)
Sold : 1735
Total Price: $86.00 / 4pcs
Beautyforever Brazilian Jerry Curly Hair Weave Remy Human Hair 3Bundles
12 Review(s)
Sold : 1525
Total Price: $64.50 / 3pcs
Beautyforever Virgin Human Hair Weaves 4Bundles Indian Jerry Curly
10 Review(s)
Sold : 1530
Total Price: $86.00 / 4pcs
Beautyfoever 3Bundles Indian Jerry Curl Hair Weave Virgin Hair
16 Review(s)
Sold : 1547
Total Price: $64.50 / 3pcs
Beautyforever Virgin Peruvian Hair Jerry Curly 3Bundles
18 Review(s)
Sold : 1518
Total Price: $64.50 / 3pcs
Beautyforever Peruvian Virgin Remy Jerry Curly Hair 3Bundles
11 Review(s)
Sold : 1501
Total Price: $64.50 / 3pcs
Beautyforever Jerry Curl Peruvian Hair Weave 4 Bundles
96 Review(s)
Sold : 1629
Total Price: $86.00 / 4pcs
Beautyforever Peruvian Jerry Curly Hair 4Bundles Weft Natural Color
14 Review(s)
Sold : 1480
Total Price: $86.00 / 4pcs
Curly weave human hair, is also called curly hair weave styles. The entire hair body twisted to small and dense curls, this curls is full from top to bottom, with natural luster. The crimp degree of the hair is smaller than natural wave and deep wave, but bigger than kinky curly weave human hair. The curly human hair extensions has a great elasticity, looks very tidiness and fashion. Women with curly hair sew in will make them more natural and unrestrained. The most welcomed curly human hair is Brazilian curly hair because of the quality.

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