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Our Glueless Lace Wigs feature a full lace cap that can be worn with or without adhesive. It is made with adjustable straps and elastic bands or stretches lace caps to ensure the perfect fit and security of the wig. Like any other lace wig, these units are 100% hand-tied so they can be parted anywhere. This entire process of applying the wig is less time-consuming. Although the glueless wig is easy to wear, it still appears very realistic to the naked eyes. In fact, most models and celebrities do wear glueless lace wigs because of the convenience & nature.

Full lace wigs or lace front wigs are top choices when chasing for the latest hairstyles, or create new and unique hairstyles of what you like, especially those celebrities. Well, keep in mind that only those lace wigs applied correctly can look like your own natural hair.

Generally, a lace wig is made with mesh-like transparent lace or swiss lace base and strands of hair tied onto it, which varies from types and colors of lace to offer multiple choices to match your own scalp and hairline color. And normally, most people would apply with adhesive glue or tape to achieve a longer hold. Well, if you don’t like to use these adhesives on your skin, you can attach and sew clips onto your full lace wig which, at the same time, can allow you to remove it every day.


♥ To purchase a lace front wig with combs on the inside and with adjustable straps at back. Please notice that the combs are set on the right and left the side of the lace front wig, both closest to your temples.

♥ To have your hair prepared. For long hair, comb it into cornrows; For short hair, a wig cap is necessary.

♥ To clean your forehead and hands to remove the dirt and oil that may damage the quality of your lace front wig.

♥ To cut excess lace to the hairline of the wig but NO HAIRS.

♥ To place the lace wig on your head. Do steadily grip your natural hair with the inside combs and adjust the cap size to match your head for suitability, if necessary.

NOTICE: If you want to further style your hair, Do remember only 100% human hair straight wig can be curled.


♥ Do a ponytail with the hair on the wig and then turn the full lace wig inside out.

♥ Place the wig clips at the bottom of the wig with the teeth of the clips are facing you.

♥ Insert the weaving needle underneath the lace wig and then through the hole on the clips. And then move to the next hole and repeat the procedure until the whole full lace wig clip holes are sewn with the weaving needle. (NOTICE: You could also thread the weaving needle with a strand of hair to make it less noticeable.)

♥ Insert another wig clip around 3 inches away from the clips done previously and repeat the method above to the lace cap of the full lace wig, both the left and the right.

♥ Flip over the wig and secure the wig with the inserted wig clips to your hair.

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