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Glueless Lace Wigs


You may confuse about how to install lace wigs without glue, here is the answer: to use friendly lace spray, headband to fix the lace. More specifically, as the name indicates, glueless wigs don't require the use of glue, but come with combs, bands, or clips to secure the wig on our head or similar adhesives to stay attached.

For bad-quality lace raw material, lace is hard and unfriendly to your skin, so it is necessary to ask the help of glue to lay down and fix the lace along the hairline tightly. Sometimes, to pursuit more realistic look, glue seems effective and useful. But with consideration of allergy and harmful elements, attaching wigs without glue is the better option.


How to install lace wigs without glue?


1. With the help of clips and elastic bands.



Lace part wigs, like T part wigs, only has a small lace area along the hairline and the hair crack. It provides the possibility to easily fix the wig. General, there are several clips onside the wig cap. Find the one on the nape of your head and hold it one firstly, then, clip others on. Adjust the elastic band to the proper size, make sure the wig will not fall off your head.


2. Cover the lace along your hairline with a headband


It is the most convenient way to solve the lace problem meanwhile having a supernatural hair crack. Choose a fashionable or cute headband, any color is okay, stretch it and cover on your forehead carefully. Tie it behind your head and make a knot to tight it.


3. Use lace spray


Lace spray is a similar adhesive to stay lace. It sounds no difference with glue, but actual, it is totally different. Because of the feature of glue, it is hard to remove unless with the help of other chemical product. However, lace spray could remove easily. Just uncover the lace by your hand. Its sticky character satisfies the function of fixing and stays cool in the same time. Skin tension will not exist anyway.