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Go Naked Hair

The Go naked hair website is similar in appearance to many other hair websites. In this case, it covers all possible topics. They have categories for their bestsellers, popular categories, and best styles.

One aspect of Beautyforever Go naked hair store that was of benefit was the Instagram site that highlights how different customers style their hair. The company also links the pictures to the exact hair that is being sold.

Colored wigs are highly marketed on the site alongside wigs that are considered a hot trend. By promoting these products on the homepage of the website, you can ensure that these products are very popular.

The company is also very generous with discount codes and ensuring safe delivery.

The density of the hair is 130%, 150%, 180%, you can tell. The added thickness of the hair is noticeable. Beautyforever Go naked hair store offers an additional option up to 250% off. While these densities are nice, I feel as though you need to buy longer hair to keep it from being too thick and looking balanced.

The cap is only about half the size of the wig but is made of stable material. It's stretchy and fits nicely on the head and doesn't look bulky. It's also very breathable, which is an advantage for those living in warmer areas. The lace itself is thick, making it a unit that doesn't come off easily. You don't have to worry about tearing the lace, much less accidentally cutting it.

Sewing is also done in a high-quality way, especially how the front is attached to the rest of the unit. The connection on the front does not over-swell and flows nicely into the rest of the weft.

The cap has an elastic band that stretches nicely, but it doesn't go around the entire cap. The elastic doesn't allow the hat to stretch that much. Beautyforever Go naked hair is reasonably priced. If you're looking to buy natural-looking wigs, I highly recommend Beautyforever because it's worth the choice.