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Half Up Half Down Wigs Style | Beautyforever.com

Half Up Half Down Wigs

Wigs are a phenomenal invention. They help out both disabled folks and regular people in general. Like, short-haired people sometimes like to appear long-haired. Many bald people wear them to boost their self-confidence. Even actors wear them for various of the roles they play.

Wigs are great. And thus, people have come up with multiple designs. One such example is the "half up half down wig." The excellent craftsmanship that creates this beauty is truly magnificent.

The half-up half-down isn't a wig but a style with which the wig is braided. Now there are loads of designs that come under this style. Although, one problem arises. What matters more than the braid is the quality of the wig. So, which one should you choose? The best option out there would be to use one that's made of original human hair to get that smooth, realistic look. Such wigs are available at none other than Beauty Forever.

Enough. Back to the topic. So, how do you craft a half-up half-down wig? Follow the steps below and find out!

Step 1: Wear a bald-cap

If you want that smooth, believable wig look, we'd suggest you wear a bald cap. It is a prosthetic applied to the head, making it appear baldish. It levels out the head region and ensures the even installation of the wig. Apply some adhesive on your front hairline and the back of your neck. Wear the cap and apply firm pressure on the adhesive area. Cut holes for your ears and trim the excess.

Step 2: Blend with your skin.

Okay, that sounded wrong, but yeah. Apply a foundation close to your skin tone to the adhesive part on your forehead. The blending hides the glue and gives the wig realism.

Step 3: Wear the wig.

Well, this is pretty straightforward. Wear the wig, spraying it with glue underneath. Use a blow-dryer to dry the glue, making sure the wig is firmly in place.

Step 4: Braid it.

Start by tying a half-moon-shaped section of your hair on the front. Next, take the bunch of hair on and in between your ears, bringing them upfront. Tie the rest of the wig's back hair in a ponytail. Comb the hair up front and tie that in a ponytail. Now, make a side swoop of the half-moon-shaped hair section you separated earlier. You may use hairspray to help settle the wig's hair. And, that's it.