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The Difference Between HD Lace And Swiss Lace

HD lace and Swiss lace are both popular lace materials that used to make human hair lace wigs. As a beginner of lace part wigs, to understand their differences could help you to choose the proper texture and comfortable wigs. This article will tell you the details of these two kinds of lace.

What is HD Lace?

HD lace is an updated lace pattern of Swiss lace. The full name of hd lace is high definition lace, which is delicate and complicated material. Because of that, hd lace is the most expensive lace among these three lace pattern.It deserve its price for providing you the best wearing experience. HD lace is thin and invisible, known for its ultra-thin quality. Soft and smooth touching feelings will not be coarse with your skin. Do girls who pursuing natural look and the perfect hairline, hd lace is the best choice than the other two. It is ideal for a total invisible look without exposing the existence of your wig. Regardless of skin tone, everyone can use it to style a great and natural hairline easily by themselves at home.

But due to its delicate features, it is prone to break with strong force and hard to repair by yourself. So, as a beginner, when you are going to cutting the lace along your hairline, please do it slow and piece by piece. Hurry actions should be avoided at all.

What is Swiss Lace?


As I mentioned above, hd lace is a kind of Swiss lace, they have the same feature that they are both invisible. And Swiss lace comes in a variety of colors, such as light brown, natural and dark brown, give people more options to choose from. If you have a dark skin tone, pick the dark brown color. And you may prefer a light one for light skin tone.

Meanwhile, Swiss lace is thinner than normal lace, which means it is durable and can last for a long time. Swiss lace is popular for its thinness ,and you will never feel warm and breathless with this kind of lace. Moreover, Swiss lace could be repair by skillful workers.