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Bangs and headbands? Yeah, the headband wig with bangs has elastic ice silk headbands, very soft that are attached to the wig instead of lace. No glue! Curly headband wig has a velcro snapping design with 4 combs in the cap making it very easy to install, perfect for beginners


Bangs are strands or locks of hair that fall over the scalp's front hairline to cover the forehead, usually just above the eyebrows, though can range to various lengths. While most people cut their bangs straight, you may also shape them in an arc or leave them ragged.

Headband wigs with bangs are available with a wide selection of half wigs, and full wigs. One can choose the headband wig according to personal taste such as curly half wig, curly full wig, straight full, and half wig.

In general, these headband wigs are usable, but depending on the choice, the amount of style, and the function of wearing the wig, one can choose a custom headband wig. Alternatives are often made in color, texture, and density, the type of hair used in headband wigs.

Styles that you can acquire: glamour!

You can also make a high ponytail, or bun, and restyle it by yourself. Glueless headband wig, newly designed to show your natural hairline.

You have the option to create natural hair updo as well.

And you, being a wig owner, can pull the curls you make from the bangs out to give the wig extra style. This technique can also make the wig appear more real.

Why Choose Headband Wigs With Bangs?

●Natural hair flow is certainly possible with wigs, thanks to the highly breathable mesh used to make the wig.
●The grip of the wig is a great fit because it has a well-adjustable band behind the ears to protect the hair. The wig will not fall off until the user removes it.
●Thanks to the use of open lace, scarf wigs are easier than traditional human hair wigs.
●Durability, affordability, and a natural look are the main features of this headband wig.

How to care for your headband wig with bangs:

1. Detangle hair gently by hand before washing without rubbing or twisting it.
2. It is normal that there is a few strand shedding when combing it with fingers for the first time
3. Wash and condition the hair with moisturizing hair care products at least every 1-2 weeks
4. Don't restyle the hair too often or too hard, or the hair will easily get dry and the knots will be damaged
5. Have hair dry naturally. Do not expose to the sun or dry by a hairdryer.
6. Put essential oil on soft hair after wash

Treat your headband wigs with bangs like your own natural hair and take very good care of it, then it could last longer than 12 months.