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How To Choose 5x5 Closure?


Before deciding to buy a 5×5 closure wig, it is necessary to know how to choose a right one according to raw material, length and lace species.

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of hair 5×5 closure: human hair closure and synthetic closure. Synthetic closures are made of fiber and can not be dyed by yourself, which are improper for girls who would like to change hair color frequently at home without buy now closures. But, synthetic 5×5 closure has a great advantage that light weight of hair provide you excellent wearing experience. Human hair 5×5 closure wigs are more soft and realistic because of a similar hair texture to natural hair. 5×5 lace part offers natural hair crack and melts on the forehead.

Pick the right length depending on your expectation. 5×5 closure has a wide range of uses. First, it can be used to make the whole wig by yourself. 3 5×5 closures are okay for fine hair texture to sew into a wig. Four or five hair closures are great with big hair volume.

There is no length limit when you want to use closure to make wigs. You can choose 5×5 closures that are much longer than your own hair or shorter. Wrap your head with a wig cap, no one will find the truth.

If you love applying human hair closure to style a ponytail hairstyle, please figure out the right length. It is unnecessary to add a too long hair closure to show the unnatural effect. Measure the length of your own hair first, and apply hair which is a little longer than yours.

Do you prefer Swiss lace or HD lace? Actually, HD lace is a kind of more delicate Swiss lace. In contrast to Swiss lace, HD lace closure is more real as the color of HD lace blends well with your own complexion. And Swiss lace is prone to dark brown color. Both of Swiss lace closure and HD lace closure are thin and soft, easy to lay down on the forehand and hide.