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How To Sleep With Human Hair Wigs

Generally speaking, it is not recommended to sleep with wigs to maintain moisture, retain length, and protect the edges from thinning. Sleeping with human hair wigs probably cause hair breakage severely than daytime. When you are going to sleep, your wig will company you for hours, which means hair friction with pillow, sheet, or even your own clothes. Even though you sleep on one side, it is hard to avoid friction absolutely. Lack of moisture and friction lead to dull and coarse hair. What’s more, grease generated from the forehead or scalp adheres to the hair during sleep period, hair appears oily and tangled when you wake up in the morning.
With the mountain of disadvantages, sleeping with human hair wig seem a bad thought. But long installation time hinder the possibility of frequent removal. Image, if we have to take an hour to attach a wig perfectly, no one still want to remove it at night before sleep and install the next morning. Maybe you have patience to do that but have no time. In this condition, know how to take less risk for hair breakage and damage become the crucial thing.


Tips to avoid hair damage and breakage


1. Wear a silk scarf or wig cap

A silk scarf, featured with softness and smooth surface, use to reduce hair friction at great extent. Silk texture could tell the wear timely though the coarse condition on the surface. Please bear in mind that it is needed to change hair cap monthly unless worn silk would hurt hair in return.

2. Sleep with complete dry hair

To save time, we always use blower to dry your hair roots to avoid headache but leave the end of hair alone and dry it by air. It is friendly to hair health actual except at the time you are going to sleep. Sleep with wet hair like throw hair into a Bacterial breeding dish, smell odors exude. Make sure your wig is dry totally, then go to bed with it.

3. Comb hair

It is easy for hair to be tangled at night. An involuntary roll or change of position are the culprit of hair knots. If you sleep with fixed hair knots, I have to say, you must spend much time to untangle it, and it is actually impossible to untie them without any damage to hair. Leave out time to comb hair before going to sleep.