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Human Crochet Hair

Beautyforever Body Wave 3Bundles 8-30 Inches Human Hair Weave
Total Price: Total Price: $79.40 $62.73 / 3pcs
save: $16.67
391 Review(s)
Beautyforever Virgin Straight Hair Malaysian Hair 3Bundles Weave 10"-30"
Total Price: Total Price: $79.40 $62.73 / 3pcs
save: $16.67
180 Review(s)
Beautyforever Brazilian Body Wave 3 Bundles Unprocessed Virgin Hair Weave
Total Price: Total Price: $79.40 $62.73 / 3pcs
save: $16.67
549 Review(s)
Beautyforever Brazilian Straight Hair 3 Bundles Deals Unprocessed Virgin Hair Weave
Total Price: Total Price: $79.40 $62.73 / 3pcs
save: $16.67
264 Review(s)
Beautyforever 4 Bundles Deals #FB30 Malaysian Body Wave Bundles Human Virgin Hair
Total Price: Total Price: $122.90 $97.09 / 4pcs
save: $25.81
71 Review(s)
Beautyforever Brazilian Jerry Curly Human Virgin Hair Weaving 3Bundles Deals
Total Price: Total Price: $79.40 $62.73 / 3pcs
save: $16.67
144 Review(s)
Beautyforever Ombre Balayage Highlight Body Wave 3 Bundles #FB30 Color Human Virgin Hair Weave
Total Price: Total Price: $92.20 $72.84 / 3pcs
save: $19.36
79 Review(s)

What is human crochet hair?

Human crochet hair is also called human hair crochet braids, Human crochet hair is hair extensions literally crocheted into your cornrows or 'lines' with a crochet needle. This hairstyle is a favorite among many women, especially those who love the natural hair look.

It looks natural and you will like the fact that you don't have to spend a whole day in the salon-you only need three to four hours to complete it. It provides a versatile and realistic appearance.

When choosing hair extensions for your human crochet hair, look for hair that is similar to your own hair so that it doesn't look that fake. Like any other hairstyle, this look has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of human crochet hair:

* They are one of the least time-consuming hairstyles

* Because of the way they are installed, they can deliver your real hair.

*They are multifunctional

* They protect your real hair and allow you to clean your hair easily.

* After finishing, the tension on the scalp is much less than other hairstyles, but only if the corn silk is not too tight.

* Suitable for people who like big hair styling; you can easily pull one out in a few seconds. With human hair crochet braids, you can easily apply a lot of hair, after which you can cut them at any time.

* Take care of your scalp easily.


• Most crochet hair is easy to curl, so unless you invest in human hair that may be slightly more expensive, you can't keep it in your hair for a long time.

• Crochet is a special kind of needle; lock hook; not the one used to crochet tablecloths and sweaters.

If you don't have a professional to fix them for you, the braids may end up sagging, making your hair look shaggy. You can now decide whether to use human hair crochet braids.

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