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Human Hair Toppers for Women

Human Hair Toppers for Women

Many people suffer from a problem known nowadays as partial baldness. And usually, this baldness occurs in the top region of a person's head. That is where the Hair toppers come in handy. Hair toppers are essentially smaller versions of wigs that cover that bald part. It is made from natural human hair. It obviously gives a more natural appeal. Now, both men and women face baldness and partial baldness. But today, we're going to cover the women's portion, i.e., human hair toppers for women. 

Human Hair Toppers for Women mainly differ from each other on the basis of the Base they are sewn upon. And this excludes general differences like race, color, styles, etc. The Base consists of a light, thin fabric-like material to which the individual hair strands are human/machine-tied. So, let's discuss the different bases, shall we?

Silk Base

The Silk Base variant of Human Hair Toppers for Women is the most natural-looking in the market. Why? Well, the Base comprises a silk sheet on top of the lace. And each individual hair strand is tied to the lace. So those tiny knots created remain hidden underneath the silk sheet. Kind of like how the hair follicles remain hidden underneath the skin. Hence, it gives a realistic effect and a reason why it is popular among women. The only downside is that the additional layers in a silk base make it hard for the Base to lay flat on top of the head.

Mono Lace

The Monofilament Lace is that Base for Hair toppers where individual hair strands are tied to a fine mesh-like lace to mimic natural hair growth. Unlike the silk variant, it does allow for air and light to pass through the tiny holes on it. And, this base offers more versatility in designs than the silk type. However, it does not look as natural as the silk one.

Lace Base

The lace here, like any other regular wig, is the same. Hair strands are tied to the lace material. Thus, allowing for more ventilation, as it has the biggest pores of the three Bases. It also provides a more natural-looking hairline.