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How To Keep Auburn Wigs Radiant?

Why should we maintain auburn wigs?

Auburn, a color of dark red, becomes one of the most popular color this season. It is pretty but not aggressive, glamorous but not excessive. People feeds full of auburn hair inspiration on social media and these hair looks are vibrant, making us super excited for fall! Optimal choice to adorn yourself and feel comfortable. But colored wigs are easier to fade in contrast with natural hair so that need us to pay more attention to take care of.


It is true that red hair fades easily. The first few times you try to dye your hair red, it won't completely penetrate the cuticle and dye your hair red because the color molecules in red pigment are so much larger than the other color molecules. This also means that the red pigment is shed from the cuticle faster with each wash. To natural hair, although red hair dye agent can be apparent faded four weeks later. If you want to dye your hair by yourself at home, it may take a few times to get the auburn paint to stick. Even so, the hair tends to fade and appear orange or brassy.

If we leave auburn human hair wigs away, they may fade generally and lack of luster in the end, which is not our expectation.

How to maintain auburn color of human hair wigs?

1. Wear a hat

Keep in mind: ultraviolet is the killer of color fade. Short-time exposure will not cause hair damage, but if you plan to go outside a whole day at pool or beach, preparing a UV proof hat is necessary.

2. Water your hair with cold water

The temperature of the water plays a huge role in how fast your color fades. It’s best to use cold water to keep your red hair vibrant. Hot water opens up the cuticle of hair, allowing the color to slip out. Using cold water to wash your hair keeps auburn color greatly.

3. Wash and condition human hair wigs without rubbing

Rub hair to sweep up dirty dust. Meanwhile, rub will speed up the process of fade. To decrease unnecessary friction, please do not rub your hair when you wash or condition it. If you have to do that, be gentle.