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How To Keep Lace Frontal Wigs Secure In The Water?

Do you like to go outside with your friends? Will you plan to swim in the sea or pool? Image that, when you are enjoying water flowing through your body, your wig drop because of the hydraulic pressure. What a horrible picture!

Many women are experiencing the embarrassed feeling that exposes their lace frontal wigs. Just like be naked in public, this situation hurt women greatly. It is important to find out a solution and learn how to do it. Read on, this article will tell you how to hold your lace frontal wigs in place in the water.

1. Adjust the elastic band on the wig

lace frontal wigs

Generally, there is an elastic band on the human hair wig from ear to ear made to fix a wig on the nape. Some elastic bands are wide and some are narrow. A wide strip is better than a narrow one to keep the entire wig in place and reduce stress on your head. If you consider that the band on the wig is not strong enough, you can buy another good one and sew it onto your wig.

2. Apply waterproof glue

Stay your edges down by apply waterproof glue. This kind of glue still work well in the water and protect your wig from the risk of dropping, which is convinced with its characteristic.

3. Pick a tight wig cap

Wig caps touch the scalp directly and should be tight so that it will not drop off. In the water, the big hydraulic pressure forces the hair to move to the opposite direction. With a loose wig cap, a human hair lace frontal wig get rid of your head quickly.

4. Try a wig tape or grip

Please wear a wig grip before install your human hair lace frontal wigs.

A wig grip features a one-size-fits-all adjustable wig band that grips your wig and provides no-slip all-day security. It keeps your wig from slipping or moving, letting you be relaxed and carefree all day long. It covers the place lace stays and hinder the wig from moving, making sure the security of your hair nicely.