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Long Straight Hair Wigs

Why choose long straight wigs?

1. Beautiful haircut

From a haircut perspective, long straight hair is a conventional and classic hair quality. The classics can no way go wrong. Although trends will come and go, classics are always fashionable. Choosing a long straight hair wig is always the right choice. A long straight black hair can bring a veritably womanlike and fascinating disposition to women.

2. Realistic and natural appearance

Straight hair wigs in real life are made of 100 original human hair. Hair is candescent, candescent, and soft like real mortal hair. In addition, high-quality ordinary Swiss lace and high-description lace give people a more realistic and natural hairline and wig appearance. Especially an HD lace wig. Hair that looks like a long straight wig grows from the crown. HD shoelaces are high- description, as softer, thinner, more transparent, and more permeable. Each long straight hair is pulled out of the baby’s hair before delivery.

3. Suitable for any occasion

Long straight hair wigs can be worn on any occasion similar to birthday parties/ Halloween/ stage performances/ Christmas/ Black Friday/ academy.

4. Natural hairline with baby hair

Have a natural hairline Natural appearance, long straight hair wig has a lace frontal hairline area with baby hair, giving you great inflexibility

5. Help to create more styles

Long straight hair wigs can be freely changed wig hairstyles, coiled, blanched, and can also be turned into water wave wigs, body wave wigs, deep wave wigs, loose deep wave wigs, etc. You can make further hairstyles for parties and marriages., School, and diurnal life.

6. Easy To Maintain

Compared to other wavy wigs, long straight wigs are easier to maintain, and not easy to get tangled. For all busy people, an easy-to-maintain wig helps save time and energy.

A variety of long straight wigs are on sale at beauty forever

At Beauty forever, there are numerous human hair straight wigs and colored long straight wigs for people's choices regular natural black color, shining 613 blonde colors, graceful 27 honey blonde color, elegant 99J burgundy color, individual highlight color, etc. After entering the long straight wigs, people also can restyle or recolor them at home to get other different hairstyles.