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Ponytail hair extensions are everyone's favorite timeless hairstyle. They are the easiest and quickest go-to hairstyle. You only need an elastic band in hand to make a simple, classic ponytail. You can use clip-in ponytail hair extensions, to add more volume. Compared to other types of hair extensions, ponytails are very easy to use. There are a few creative ways you can wear a ponytail. These stylish ponytails are a perfect solution for both casual and formal outings.

Long Romantic Ponytail Hair Extensions

A classy way of wearing your pony. Using clip extensions of about 3-4 clip wefts are okay to do.

● Tie your hair to a low ponytail.

● Clip the wefts one by one around it.

● For the first weft clip it as close as possible to the elastic band to find room for the remaining wefts.

● Make the wefts tight and secure the ponytail extensions using a hair tie.

● After everything is alright, you may now start creating soft curls with your ponytail hair.

● Gently brush it out afterward.

Sleek High Human Hair Ponytail

A stylish way to rock a sleek ponytail hairstyle.

● Create a small ponytail just at the crown of your head.

● Take a weft and clip it around the base of your pony close to the elastic band and the same with the other wefts.

● Make it a point to tighten all the clips.

● Gather all your remaining hair into a high pony and make sure to cover the base of the clip in wefts. Smoothen your hair and keep any flyaways.

● Take a small section of your hair and wrap it around the base to conceal the elastic.

Messy Ponytail Hairstyle

You can play around with this style.

● Clip-in your wefts in the same manner as with the previous techniques.

● Part your hair mid-way and then flip it upside down.

● Leave enough strands at the nape of your neck and use them to cover the clip wefts later.

● Continue to clip in the remaining wefts but this time do it upside down.

● Gather up all your hair into a high pony.

● Pull random sections of your ponytail and tease them.

● Loosen up your ponytail hair a little bit by tugging at the top of your hair or the crown.

Invisible Ponytail

Braid your ponytail. If you have hair is short, make it a bit longer.

● Apply hair glue to the weft.

● Begin wrapping the weft around the end of the brain.

● Continue steps 3-4 making sure you brush the extensions out to prevent tangles.

● Take your time to ensure your clip in ponytail hair extensions looks neat.

● Once you reach the base of your ponytail secure the end of the extension with hair glue.

● Take a section of the expansion, spray with holding spray, and wrap it around the base of the ponytail.

● Put it in place with the help of bobby pin.

● Use some hairspray and oil to keep the hair in place as well as boost shine.

Wrap A Human Hair Ponytail Extensions

● Pull up your hair and make a high ponytail.

● Put your scarf out on a flat surface.

● Fold the scarf to form a triangle.

● Fold the pointed end of the triangle over to meet the opposite edge of the scarf.

● Wrap the scarf around your head and tie it three times in front.

● Twist the scarf tail ends and tuck into the scarf.

Short Hair Ponytail

An ingenious way to give your short hair a ponytail. Tease the crown section of your hair if you want extra volume

● Using your elastic band, create a low ponytail and leave the hair loose on the sides.

● Pull tight on your ponytail hair without compromising amount.

● Use bobby pins to secure the free sides of your hair to the top base of the ponytail.

● To create fullness tease the ends of the hair.

● Use a headband to add more interest to your style.

● Spray with a small amount of hairspray to keep everything in place.