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Ponytail Hairstyles With Weave


Women take a liking to ponytail hairstyles because they bring women convenience that other hairstyles could not, especially when they are at office. It is effective to avoid unnecessary hair friction or damage while you exercise or do housework.

But it makes a difference between the high ponytail hairstyle and low ponytail hairstyle. High ponytail with weave will elevate your temperament and highlight your stone features greatly by showing your pretty face without any cover. High-tied hair looks a little sober in contrast to the relaxed style with low ponytail hairstyle with weave. Do a low ponytail by a silk strand, unwind every hair root in a state of relax. You will certainly fall in love with weave ponytail once you have a try.

How to Make a High Ponytail?

Comb your hair.

Messy hair can cause serious tangles, and you need to make sure your hair is detangled before styling it. The direction of the ponytail is important, as you brush your hair into a ponytail, towards the top of your head.

Flatten the hair on top of your head.

Lift a small section of hair to the middle of the top of the head so that the hair cracks are not visible. Gently backcomb your hair towards the roots with a comb to round out your hair and give the top fullness.

Tie your hair into a ponytail.

Secure the hair at the back of the crown with one hand. Smooth the crown and back of the head with a brush or comb. Secure the ponytail with a rubber band. Pull the strap on the ponytail over the top of the head. Twist the strip into a figure-eight shape, then loop the new strip around the back of the hair. Repeat this action until the headband is tight enough to hold the hair in place.

For a more flattering look, take a short section of hair from the base of the ponytail and carefully wrap it around the elastic. Secure it with bobby pins or clips at the bottom of the headband to completely cover it up.

You may want to add a little serum or hairspray to your hair as you pull it up. This can help you control flyaways and give you an overall sleeker look.

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