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What is Remy Hair

With Remy hair all the cuticles are intact and running flow the same direction from root to the tip. Remy hair is a high quality hair that lasts over a year and blends very well with your own hair. Beauty Forever virgin remy hair extensions, remy hair bundles, remy Brazilian hair and remy hair closure for black women.

How remy hair is collected? To assure hair strands are organized facing the same direction from root to tip, Remy hair must be cut close to the scalp in a ponytail. Hair is then collected and cleaned with detergent to remove any lice, hair products or dirt. Workers may sure all hair strands are facing the same direction. Read blog: What is remy hair

Types of Remy Hair

Remy hair can be divided into several subcategories. Remy hair can be virgin, unprocessed or processed, which means it has been colored, permed or relaxed. As long as the cuticle remains intact, the hair is still considered Remy. Remy hair is either single drawn, which means hair strands may be different lengths, or double drawn, which means all strands are the same length.

Hair extensions come in a variety of textures yet Remy hair extensions are by far the most popular types of human hair extension on the market due to their exceptional quality and affordability, especially when considering the value.

Difference Between Remy and Non-remy Hair

Remy hair is gathered from the head of donors/producers in such a way as to keep the hair’s cuticles properly aligned in relation to its neighboring hairs. This means the hair remains softer and silkier, and is useful in producing higher-quality wigs, extensions, hair bundles and hair closure.

Beauty Forever Remy Hair

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