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Side Part Quick Weave – The Most Loved Type!

Women often crave thick, healthy, and beautiful hair that can enhance their beauty giving them an elegant look. Most women are blessed with naturally beautiful hair having great volume and length. However, many don’t have the same wonderful hair texture and volume. So what to do in such a situation? What to do if you have got thin and short hair and you just have an event around the corner – especially if you want to look all unique with a new hairdo? This is where weave, extensions, and hair tracks work well for most women.

Women’s Love for Hair and Weave

For several years, weaves have been bringing eye-catching thick locks for females. However, with many styles, sizes, colors and lengths it is daunting to choose the right weave that can best suit your hair, aura and personality as a whole.

Also, getting a weave right from the start is crucial to building the look that everybody craves. Are you wondering what styles can suit you best? Don’t panic. A side part quick weave is one of the most loved weave styles every woman often opts for. It goes well with every skin, outfit and hair type.

Before we discuss how to create it, let’s first discover what is a weave.

What Is a Weave?

A weave is a natural human hair bundle that you can fix to your hair either by gluing, sewing or clipping. Women with weak, thin and less volume hair often opt to get hair weaves to enhance the beauty of their hair and look. Weaves can be used both on a daily basis and on festivities alike. Moreover, unlike hair extensions, weaves are supposed to last for many weeks. Weaves of different styles and colors are clipped directly into natural hair.

Creating A Side Part Quick Weave

Here is how to create a side part quick weave flawlessly:

* First and foremost, break down the side part of your hair section from the front.
* Place and adjust the weave on top of your head either by gluing or sewing it.
* Fix it carefully so it looks like your natural hair ultimately.
* Now adjust your hairline efficiently.
* Use hairspray to fix your hair from both sides.
* Comb them gently to give them a nice look.

Make sure you buy a quality weave that doesn’t shed and surprise your friends and family with your enticing look.