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Skunk Hair

Skunk Hair – The Latest Trend And Why You Should Try It

High-contrast chunky highlights are now back with a bang! The latest color trend, skunk stripe hair is the latest fad and we’re absolutely in love! They definitely do end up making a statement and the dual-tone look goes off from all the conventions that we’ve been getting used to. In essence, the term skunk hair pits dark and light hair up against one another for a unique colorful look that honestly, we can’t get enough of!

How To Choose The Perfect Skunk Stripe Hair

If you don’t want to damage your hair and don’t want to do a lot of maintenance, you should probably pair your hair with natural color and then go on the opposite end of the spectrum for the other shade. For example, if you have an extremely dark shade of hair, go for an extremely light color like white! If you have a lighter base, go for deeper shades to create a very cool contrast look.

Generally, you won’t need to go through a lot of maintenance with your actual hair. You can decide how you wish to maintain your hair since skunk stripe hair is all about self-expression. But, we always recommend getting your hands on some real natural human hair wigs from brands like Beautyforever to make the most out of the trend. Why so? You can take style your hair in whatever you want without the risk of damaging it. Plus, you can color your wig as much as you want to and try out all the skunk stripe hair contrasts and shades you’d like without worrying about your natural hair being damaged from all the styling that you are going to be doing.

What Are The Best Skunk Hair Stripe Styles?

From what we’ve celebs have definitely picked out a few favorites that they’ve seemed to struck a chord with. For example, most have gone for a high contrast look that features an extreme change of shade between dark and light hair swept away in a bob.

For others, its red stripes that seem to have taken their attention which look great if you want to make a treatment wearing unique strands. For a more subtle version, you can go for a half and half look with your natural shade on the lower half and a completely lighter shade on the opposite end.