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Beautyforever Deep Wave Wig T Part Wig Natural Virgin Human Hair Black Wigs 150% Density
Total Price: Total Price: $196.78 $120.04 / 1pc
save: $76.74
180 Review(s)
Beautyforever Body Wave Hair Adjustable Headband Wig Glueless Human Hair Wigs Burgundy Wigs
Total Price: Total Price: $114.60 $69.91 / 1pc
save: $44.69
76 Review(s)
Beautyforever Jerry Curly Hair Lace Part Wig Natural Color Virgin Human Hair 150% Density T Part
Total Price: Total Price: $172.39 $105.16 / 1pc
save: $67.23
267 Review(s)
Beautyforever Jerry Curly Human Hair Half Wigs Natural Color Glueless Wigs
Total Price: Total Price: $116.60 $71.13 / 1pc
save: $45.47
39 Review(s)

Which types of wigs look the most natural?

Many women think you have to have lace wigs to get a realistic look. In fact, if you choose a high-quality v part wig or lace part wig, it can be hard to tell the difference. We often advise clients to pick a glueless v part wig. It should be noted that our glueless human hair wigs are of very high quality; no matter which type of Beautyforever hair wigs you choose, the quality is different.

If within your budget, we highly recommend the HD lace wigs. HD lace wigs give the look of a single strand of hair growing from the scalp and look very natural. They can also be split in different directions for added styling versatility. HD lace front wigs will give you a natural hairline and the ability to push hair back and away from the face. 100% Hand Tie Wigs are a premium option that is comfortable and look like the hair is growing out of the scalp throughout the hat. All of these hat types will make the wig look more natural.

The most natural-looking wig will be one with a style that suits your face shape and color that suits your skin tone. We recommend that you take advantage of our customer consultation to ensure you find the color that works best for you. Our certified wig experts can color match your selection to your own hair sample or photo.

PRO TIP: Get a stylist experienced in wig styling to trim your wig to best fit your face shape and give it a truly personalized look. This will help your wig look more natural.

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