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Ula Hair - Taking Care of Your Human Hair Wig

Taking Care of Your Human Hair Wig

Getting a real human hair wig is one of the best decisions you can make. Whether you go for Ula Hair at Beautyforever, you will still need to maintain and condition your wig to have them looking great no matter what. Just like taking care of your real hair, you will still need to put in effort which isn’t very time-consuming. Ultimately, the amount of maintenance and time you put in your wig will directly lead to it looking absolutely dapper!

Should I Wash My Wig Daily?

No! Instead, you should wash your Ula hair wig after you use it 7-8 times. Just like your actual hair, we recommend using a conditioner that adds moisture to your hair. Make sure to apply the conditioner to the ends but not to apply it to the initial base as that can cause the entire scalp to shed. You should also definitely use oils and serums at the very end and use protectant sprays before you go for blow-drying.

However, if you feel like your wig needs to be washed more often than what we’ve mentioned, that’s no biggie! You can adjust your routine according to what makes you feel the most comfortable. Weather and climate can play a huge role in how often you need to wash your hair. Sometimes, you won’t need to wash your wig in all its entirety and can instead go for a curling iron for a minor touchup. That might just be all you need!

Storing Your Beautyforever Ula Hair Wig

Ula hair wigs and more importantly Beautyforever wigs are made up of 100% real, natural human hair. Therefore, storing them is extremely simple! We generally recommend getting a Styrofoam head especially if you keep your wig styled. It keeps it upright and it won’t get tangled anytime soon.

Before storing your wig, wash your wig with lukewarm water as hot water can lead to the wig drying out while cold water makes it much harder to rinse out any conditioner or shampoo that you’ve applied. If you take care of your wig in the right way, it’ll last for an extremely long time and you’ll have no qualms styling it in whatever way you want.