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Wet And Wavy Hair

Do you love quick-change hairstyles? Do you want to have two perfect hairstyles without the help of heat tools? Wet and wavy hair satisfy your expectation extremely at an affordable price.

Why should we buy wet and wavy hair?

One wig, two hairstyles



Straight black hair texture is the original hairstyle when it arrives. 100% virgin human hair wigs are smooth and soft whenever you touch them by hand or brush by comb. It is advisable to prepare a wide-tooth comb so that keep the first hair look and untangle its knots meanwhile. Straight hairstyle wet and wavy human hair is a type of ready-to-go wig, without any unnecessary or time-consuming styling process, just install it in place and go outside.

It is time to change your hairstyle into your favorite curly/wavy one. There is no need to wait for many seconds to adjust the heat tools’ level and apply them to hair to damage its good texture. The only thing you need to do is to wet your hair with water and then see the miracle happens. After spraying water on the surface of the hair, it turns to curls in a short time and shows a supernatural kinky curly or Jerry curly hairstyle. The more wet hair is, the more pretty curly hair appears.

Easy to maintain

Wet and wavy sew in has low maintenance. Unlike big curls, such as deep wave, which have to pay attention to their curvature to keep the attractive look, wet and wavy sew in human hair could be treated naturally as the same to your own hair.

When you remove the wig from your head and will not use it for a long time, just cleanse the hair, put it on the wig head, and hair dry this wig. It still is good the next time you are going to use it with regular moisture spraying.

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