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What Is 30 Hair Color?


30 Hair Color

Hair color in 30 is medium auburn. In contrast to dark auburn which appears reddish and is similar to warm chocolate, 30 hair color belongs to brown color tone. Auburn hair color is a mixture blended red with brown color. So, medium auburn is a mixture of light red and light brown.

30 hair color extremely fit your complexion and elevate your hairstyle greatly, which is supernatural and versatile for all occasions.

Natural 1b 30 Hair Color

1b 30 hair color is used to describe the color of hair products. 1b refers to natural black hair color, applied on the roots of hair. Most people choose to remain the natural color of roots for graduation. And it is pretty okay to dye all levels of hair to another hair color, but possibly plays a bad role in keep the health of the scalp.

For human hair wigs, 1b 30 hair color brings a supernatural and realistic hair appearance. Black hair root color not only create a natural hair effect but get perfect real hair crack that is convenient to put foundation powder on the wig. Obviously, lace frontal human hair wigs in 1b 30 hair color is a better choice compare with synthetic wigs. It is impossible or difficult for synthetic wigs to show 1b 30 hair color due to they can be redyed by yourself.

30 hair color braids



Braid your hair to normal side-straight hair pattern by yourself at home. You can also style hair on the salon for hair on the nape is hard to braid perfectly you own. 30 hair color braid is one of the most popular protective hairstyle, which protect breakage and damage from exterior environment and stay hair moisture as well.

Buying bundles of hair extensions or hair weaves to braid them into your natural hair is also a good way for hair keeping.

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