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Wholesale Hair Vendors

Beautyforever Body Wave 3Bundles 8-30 Inches Human Hair Weave
Total Price: Total Price: $79.40 $62.73 / 3pcs
save: $16.67
390 Review(s)
Beautyforever Brazilian Body Wave 3 Bundles Unprocessed Virgin Hair Weave
Total Price: Total Price: $79.40 $62.73 / 3pcs
save: $16.67
549 Review(s)
Beautyforever 3Bundles Malaysian Body Wave Hair With 4x4 Lace Closure
Total Price: Total Price: $141.45 $111.75 / 3pcs
save: $29.70
293 Review(s)
Beautyforever Brazilian Straight Hair 3 Bundles Deals Unprocessed Virgin Hair Weave
Total Price: Total Price: $79.40 $62.73 / 3pcs
save: $16.67
264 Review(s)
Beautyforever Brazilian Body Wave 4 Bundles Unprocessed Remy Hair Weave
Total Price: Total Price: $104.31 $82.40 / 4pcs
save: $21.91
159 Review(s)
Beautyforever Ombre Highlights Body Wave Human Hair 3 Bundles With Lace Closure
Total Price: Total Price: $176.37 $139.33 / 3pcs
save: $37.04
3 Review(s)
Beautyforever 3Bundles Deep Wave Human Hair With Closure
Total Price: Total Price: $172.20 $136.04 / 3pcs
save: $36.16
79 Review(s)
Beautyforever Best Curly Malaysian Virgin Hair 3Bundles With 4x4 Lace Closure
Total Price: Total Price: $141.45 $111.75 / 3pcs
save: $29.70
278 Review(s)
Beautyforever Brazilian Straight Hair 3Bundles With Lace Closure 4*4
Total Price: Total Price: $141.45 $111.75 / 3pcs
save: $29.70
135 Review(s)

Why Wholesale Hair

This is a guide to finding the best wholesale hair vendors and a starter guide for novices who are about to enter the human hair wigs industry.

Estimates by esticastresearch.com put the total revenues of the world's hair wig and human hair extension industry at over $10 billion come 2023. This is in consideration of the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 9% between 2017-2023.

The increasing demand for ultra-high-quality human hair wigs and high-end human hair extensions, particularly across the European region, is expected to create new opportunities for the world’s leading manufacturers of hair products. Growth, regarding per capita income, as well as an increase in consumer spending power, will further boost the revenues in the market.

Men have recently taken an interest in the hair care products, adding to the driving force behind the world’s hair wig and sew in hair extensions industry. Rising economies, particularly India and China, are experiencing rapid urbanization and a rise in expendable livelihoods, hence boosting sales in the global hair market.

The comprehensive analysis of the real human hair wigs and sew in hair extensions market (both market and segmental), per the market research report, takes into account the type, material, and geography.

From all indications, the hair wigs and real hair extensions market is a good niche with great potential. And one of the most important things you need to figure out is to find the right wholesale virgin hair vendors. Let's move on to the wholesale hair vendors introduction in the next part.

Wholesale Virgin Hair Vendors

Beautyforever has been in the wholesale and drop-shipping hair business for years now, and have developed a reputation as a trustworthy company.

They have all sorts of hair products for those in the hair business. Whether you’re looking for Brazilian virgin hair extension, human hair bundles, cheap hair straight bundles, natural hair, Beautyforever has got you covered.

They have very affordable products. If you buy wholesale, you can also get some discounts and points.

They also have an amazing quality control team that inspects all of their goods before shipping out, guaranteeing that their buyers receive only the best products from their inventory.

Beautyforever also has powerful automation software and tools that you can use to synchronize your orders and shipment for your online shops. Beautyforever is fully dedicated to making your wholesale shopping experience an easy and comfortable.

Beautyforever has a diverse catalog of products. You can find low-end and high-end hair products. They add new items to their catalog every day so you can stay up to date with the latest fashion and trends.

Beautyforever, established in 2016, is both a manufacturer and wholesale hair vendors of virgin hair and related products. The company sets no minimum order, meaning you can buy one or hundreds of bundles. Plus, the more you buy, the more discount you get. Beautyforever ships across China and to the rest of the world. It has two warehouses: one in mainland China and the other in California, USA.

It stands as one of the most affordable hair vendors since its inception. The company is a trusted factory-based vendor with no mid-agency in between. It boasts a drop ship program that makes for a hassle-free business while helping build your hair brand.

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