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Yaki Hair, Yaki Human Hair, Yaki Straight Hair, Yaki Hair Weave Extensions

What's Yaki Hair

Yaki, virgin and Remi hair are two of the most widely used terms when it comes to hair extensions. If this is your first time purchasing hair, you’re probably wondering which hair you should buy? I hope this article will help you better understand these two popular terms.

While Remy hair refers to a variety of hair used for making extensions, Yaki refers to hair texture. Yaki hair could be Remy as well as non-Remy hair. Remy hair refers to hairs extracted from a single donor in a way that their cuticles remain non-damaged. Non-Remy hair refers to strands that are extracted from multiple donors and the cuticles are usually not intact.

Obviously, non-Remy hairs are inferior varieties as compared to Remy hair. Both Remy as well as non-Remy hair could be virgin as well as non-virgin. Virgin hair is unprocessed i.e. not treated chemically. Non-virgin hair is processed and has been subjected to chemicals, whether it is to change their color, shine, or texture. When the texture is changed to resemble afro-Caribbean hair, it is known as Yaki Hair.

Yaki hair is defined as a hair texture that looks and feels like Afro-Caribbean hair. The hair is much thicker and darker in color.

Types Of Yaki Hair

There are four general styles of yaki hair.

– Silky: Straight

– Kinky: African American (Un-Relaxed or Pressed Straight)

– Coarse – African American (More Natural – No Chemical Process)

– Regular – African American Look (Straight, Relaxed)

Yaki hair texture is the best choice of hair texture to choose if you are looking for a style that resembles natural afro hair.

Yaki Hair,Remy Hair And Virgin Hair,How To Choose?

Remy,virgin and yaki have nothing to do with each other. Remi and virgin hair refers to the quality and yaki refers to the texture. You would probably want hair that is both remy and yaki.

Yaki can be remy or non remy.Remi yaki is best. Remy refers to the fact that it is top of the line/cream of the crop Yaki. It supposedly sheds less, tangles less, etc.

Remi tangles less and yaki is usually denser and more realistic looking depending on your texture

The yaki is cheaper cause its not remi, meaning lower quality. You can get 100% Indian hair of the same length and price that's not remi. 

The cheaper hair will tangle and shed more and it won't hold up as well as more the expensive hair. The higher quality the longer it will last.

Once you used to spend $25-30 a pack and your 'hair' would be a hot mess by week two. While you started spending $100+ on hair, you were able to keep it for 6-9 months(taking it down and washing it every 2 months) and it looked great.

It depends on the look you're going for and if you want the weave as a protective style or a showpiece.

If you ever decide to buy bundle hair again try buying it online from best hair vendor such as UNice hair. 

If Yaki hair is properly cared for and maintained, it can be used repeatedly for long-lasting hairstyles. 

How To Take Care Of Yaki Hair?

Shampoo at least once a week using a good quality sulfate-free shampoo.

Do not massage the hair.

Rinse thoroughly.

Apply a moisturizing conditioner and comb hair, starting with the ends working your way up to your scalp.

Rinse thoroughly.

Let air-dry.