Blunt cut makes your hair look healthier, stronger and thicker. Most blunt cuts are worn in straight hairstyles to show off the accuracy of lines and sleekness of texture. We can see in the street that the blunt cuts are very popular in straight hairstyles. It perfectly show off the accuracy of lines.


Short Straight Blunt Cuts Hairstyle

More and more ladies choose to cut their virgin hair short for a cool hairstyle. Short straight blunt cut is a very popular hairstyle for white-collar women in recent years.


The Long Straight Hair

The straight long hair still is the primary hairstyle for many young girls. "Straight hair looks cooler when it's in one length". Many celebrities have tried long straight blunt cut hairstyle. Models at Versace— including Gigi Hadid—had their hair ironed into blunt curtains.


Medium Straight Blunt Cut Hairstyle

Medium straight blunt cut is my favorite hairstyle. It is not too long and not to short. You can tie your hair up or not, all looks great.