Through knowing some simple hair hacks, you can obtain a friendly holiday hair regardless of how busy your schedule is.

1. Faux Fall Ponytail

Ponytail is the easiest and ways to handle your unruly hair. This classic hack isn’t dressy enough for a lot of holiday get-togethers, but ladies do have a choice to style their hair like this. To achieve this look, first thing to do is to pull just the top half of your hair into a ponytail at the topmost of the back of your head using a hair band. Then you pull the remaining hair into another ponytail below the first one. Brush wisps out in order to cover the parts and the topmost of the ponytail. This is perfect for formal affairs, simple yet classy.

2. Headband Chignon

Utilizing a decorative headband to make a loose as well as tousled chignon appearance is a classy and quick solution to holiday hair. You must look for a decorative braided headband which wraps around your head and put it on the top of your head so the hair runs below the headband. Working side by side, then they must take loose portions of hair, roll up hair toward the headband then tuck in the hair under the topmost of the headband.

3. Braided Chignon

This classic hair hack is a more precise take on the wispy and relaxed headband chignon. This is ideal for those with long hair. To achieve this look, first you have to pull your hair back into a firm braid at the nape of your neck. And then cover the braid into a chignon at your nape, pinning it safely and tightly using bobby pins. Putting a fashionable hair clip at the topmost of the chignon is a remarkable way of completing this look.

4. Feather Clip

Women could get away with a bolder accessory and look. Slipping a clip into their hair is a quick way of adding some glamour and style to a hairstyle. Feather clips look best on the side of your head near your face. You can experiment with placement in order to find the place which best compliment your face and hair.

5. Fake Thick Hair

This classic hair hack keeps your beauty loving selves up at night. If you are a fine haired woman, the textures, chunky Dutch braid looks like just a pipedream. Well, not the case. Prior to braiding, coat hair in dry shampoo in order to give it grit and texture and then make a dutch braid prior to crossing hair beneath as you make your way down to your nape. If you complete the braiding step, use fingers to slowly pull on every section extending the braids out one by one and then work your way from the middle of the braid down. You have to back to make sure the spacing is the same.