Long hairstyles never run out in the fashion trend. Most women would opt for long hair than having short haircut since they can do anything and any hairstyle when their hair is long and flowing. If you love your long hair and you want to always look best in it, you should think of other hairstyles that will bring out the best in you.

5 Long Hairstyles You Must Love

1. Long Layered Hairstyle

You will definitely look gorgeous with long layered hair that extends to your shoulders downward. A slight layering allows movement on the hair. Those long layers on the hair give a slimming effect on the face particularly to round faces, accentuating the eyes and the lips. With some face-framing layers, you’ ll look sexy, slim and beautiful that will attract any man.


Long layered hairstyle


2. Side Braid Hairstyle

Look stunning with a side braid that is perfect for all hair types and texture may it be fine, thick or medium. On almost all hairstyles, braid a common hairstyle but it is actually one of the most versatile styles where any hair type can adapt. Aside from the fact that it can make you look younger than your age, it also works perfectly to almost all fashion dress. It also elongates your face perfect for round and square faces.


Side Braid hairstyle


3. Bohemian Hairstyle

A bohemian hairstyle is one way of showing off your long and beautiful hair. If you are born with naturally wavy hair, then this one fits you. Coming up with a bohemian look will not take you half an hour to finish since it is so easy to do. You only have to create a small braid on the upper portion of your hair then bring it across your forehead going to your back. You can use a spray to hold the hair and make sure that it will not mess up with some of your hair strands.


Bohemian Look


4. Foxy Fringe Hairstyle

A long bang is a perfect hairstyle that can give you an elongated face. Let your hair flow naturally with a foxy fringe to accentuate your eyes and nose. The best thing about having fringe is that it draws attention from people, leaving you the apple of the eye of everyone around you. With a boosting spray, you can have the volume that you want on the fringe. Bangs are good when they are maintained so apply a smoothing serum once in a while.


Foxy Fringe Hairstyle


5. Loose Half Ponytail

This relaxed and sleek style is one of the popular hairstyles for women. Any woman will look excellent and gorgeous with this because it suits any hair length whether long, medium or short. Yet, if you want to have your hair in place, a loose half pony will do.


Loose Half Ponytail


Having long hair is all about style and fashion. You can look even more beautiful with it by creating the best hairstyle that boosts your looks. For those with short hair, you can opt for a wig and style it.