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8 Ways On How To Secure A Wig

Jun 2, 2023

Women who wear wigs may have issue on wigs falling of, blowing off, sliding around or getting ripped off. In the light of the fact, learning how to secure a wig effectively will make your feel more confident while you wear a wig. The article below will show you 8 ways to secure the wig and ensure your wig looks natural and realistic day long. Hope our guide can help you figure out which method works best for you.

Like many things, a faultless foundation is the key to success. Securing your good quality wigs are no different. Preparing your head before applying your wig ensures an easier application. If you have hair then you will need to fix your hair close to the scalp, so there are no visible hairs or bumps when wearing your wig. If your hair is long you can separate the hair into two pigtails, creating tight twists which you then cross over and fix at the nape of your neck with hairgrips. Shorter hair can simply be combed back and fixed to the nape where necessary, making sure your hair is brushed back from the hairline.
There are many clever wig attachments sewn into the construction of high quality wigs for a uniquely comfortable fit. Remember though the security features will depend upon the wig that you have purchased. Each wig design may have different features. Take a look at the “What’s Inside” section, which is available for every wig on the BEAUTY FOREVER website. This will give you a detailed photo of the cap design. Many wigs have a non-slip poly strip section at the front of the wig, located where your natural hairline would sit. This area provides a slight suction effect, so these strips are fabulous in preventing your wig from slipping. Adjustable pull straps are often included in the wig construction for a perfect fit. These are located at the nape of the neck, and there is usually around an inch give, so the wig can be easily slackened or tightened dependent on the size of your head.



Wig clips are sewn into the cap of the wig and then clip into your hair. They are a great long-term option because once they're sewn in, you're good to go for the life of your wig.

• Once they're sewn in, wig clips never need to be replaced. It is a good way to save money.
• Wig clips grip onto your natural hair without pulling any out.

• If you don't know how to sew, don't use wig clips. The wig clips are only as secure as you sew them. Not only that, if you damage your wig while sewing in the clips, your wig could be damaged forever.
• Some people complain that wig clips scratch their head. If you have sensitive skin, wig clips can irritate it.
The good new is that Beauty forever human hair lace front wigs has the cap construction which wig clips already sewed in. You can purchase this kind of product and enjoy your comfortable wig without the beset about sewing skills.



If you have a significant amount of your own hair to use bobby pins, attaching your wig with bobby pins is one of the oldest wig attachment methods in the book. If you're in a bind, not near a beauty supply store, and need a quick way to attach your wig, bobby pins are a great choice.

• Bobby pins are cheap. You can purchase a pack at most grocery stores for less than a dollar.
• Bobby pins won't suction your wig to your head, so your head is less likely to overheat underneath your wig.
• Best of all, bobby pins are great for women with sensitive skin. There is no fabric involved that could irritate sensitive skin.

• If you're not careful when you're inserting your bobby pins, they can poke at your head throughout the day and make you uncomfortable.
• If you don't use enough bobby pins, your wig can come loose during the day. Make sure you use enough pins to keep your wig fully secure.



Wig caps are perfect for people who have hair or those that don't. Wig caps sit on top of your head underneath your wig and grip to your skin on the inside layer.

• Wig caps create a barrier between your scalp and your wig. This keeps your wig clean and free of any oil buildup.
• For women with hair, wig caps keep your hair in place underneath your wig.
• In cold weather, wigs keep you warm, and a wig cap can add an extra layer of warmth.

• Wig caps stretch out over time and need to be replaced, otherwise you risk the cap and your wig slipping off your head.
• In hot climates, or for women undergoing treatment, wig caps can make you even warmer.
• Sweat and oil can build up in a wig cap and if the cap isn't properly cleaned it can start to smell like sweaty gym clothes. Not a great smell.



Wig grips are one of the most popular methods for securing a wig. They are perfect for women with or without hair and are easy to use.
Wig grips can be worn under any wig, hat, or scarf, and will keep them completely secure. Made of double-sided velvet, wig grips are designed with one side that grips your hair or skin and one side that grips your head cover or wig.
Most wigs grips come with an adjustable strap at the back that allows you to readjust the size of the grip.

• Wig grips are easy to take on and off. If you need to remove your wig throughout the day to cool off, wig grips are a great choice.
• Wig grips won't rip out your hair when you remove them, so wig grips work well for women who are trying to regrow hair.

• Wig grips alleviate pressure and can help with headaches or pain.

• If the adjustable strap on the back of your wig grip breaks or becomes loose, your wig could fall off in the middle of the day. This is rare, but something to be aware of. Keep an extra wig grip in your purse in case of emergencies.
• Wig grips stretch out over time and need to be replaced every so often, depending on how often you wear your wig. Wig grips can be a pricey choice.



Before we talk about wig tape, we give a quick disclaimer: if you wear a wig on top of natural hair, you should never use wig tape.
Wig tape can rip out hairs when you remove it. While it's true that wig tape is one of the most effective methods of securing a wig, it's not worth the damage to any existing hair you have.
So if you still have hair on your head and you're worried about hair loss, move on to the next method.
Wig tape is double-sided tape that adheres to your head on one side and your wig on the other.
People who use wig tape prefer it because wig tape is as close to a guarantee that you can get that your wig won't fall off. Wig tape works, which is why performers and Hollywood professionals prefer it above any other application method.

• Wig tape comes in various forms: a roll, pre-cut strips, and spot tabs. You can experiment with all three styles until you find the one you like the most.
• Some wigs come with polyurethane tabs, specially designed for wig tape, and guaranteeing a strong grip.
• Wig tape makes your wig very secure. If you work out while wearing your wig or are going to a big event, wig tape will take the worry out of wearing a wig.
• A roll of wig tape lasts a long time! Because of that, wig tape is a great budget-friendly option.

• Some women like to remove their wig throughout the day to cool their head. If you're wearing wig tape, taking off your wig throughout the day can be tricky.
• Because your wig is taped down to your head, it makes it easy to overheat. If you have problems with overheating or if you're going through chemotherapy, wig tape might not be the best choice.
• Wig tape can be difficult to remove. There are liquid solutions that help gently remove wig tape, but if something gets stuck the removal process won't be easy.



As with wig tape, wig glue is an extremely secure method of wig attachment, and you could potentially rip out hairs when you remove it. If you have hair or sensitive skin, avoid wig glue.
Wig glue is a roll-on adhesive that is clear and won't leave stains. Wig glue is easily removed with water and is pliable (it will move with your skin rather than staying stiff in one area).
As a bonus, you can use your wig glue to secure other things, like pantyhose, socks, nylons, shoulder straps, or orthopedic devices.

• Like wig tape, wig glue lasts a long time (if you're careful and aren't applying too much!). Wig glue is an inexpensive wig application option.
• Wig glue is an especially effective and 100% secure until you remove it.
• Wig glue is easy to apply! Simply roll it on, put on your wig, and go!

• If you like to remove your wig throughout the day to cool down, you might not want to use wig glue. Removing and reapplying a wig with wig glue can be time-consuming and difficult.
• Wig glue will “suction” your wig to your head, causing oils to build underneath the wig. If you have sensitive skin, those oils can cause skin issues.
• Because wig glue keeps your wig so tight, it can be easy to overheat. If you have issues overheating while wearing a wig, avoid wig glue.
• If you don't apply enough water or solution when you're taking off your wig, you can rip or tug at the skin.



Silicone solution sheets are - as the name implies - sheets of silicone. They come with a needle and invisible thread, and the solution strip is then sewn into your wig to create a wig grip inside the wig.

• Silicone solution sheets let you sew a wig grip into your wig. A wig grip that will never stretch out or fall off, no matter how many times you wear your wig.
• Like a wig grip, silicone solution sheets are flexible. They move with your skin so your wig will never feel too tight.
• Silicone solution sheets are economical because they last the entire life of your wig and never need to be replaced.

• If you don't know how to sew, either take a sewing class or avoid silicone solution strips. If you rip or tear your wig while you're sewing in the sheets, you could ruin your wig forever.
• Silicone solution sheets suction to your head. Underneath that suction, your head can overheat. If you're prone to overheating, these sheets aren't the best option.



If you tend to put a lot of product in your hair or constantly run your fingers through your hair this could result in an oily wig. No problem!
Outside of washing the wig, you can also eliminate an oily unit with baby powder! Shake a small amount of baby powder on to the roots and work it down through the wig with a wig brush, comb or your fingers until you have dulled the shininess.
The powder will absorb the wig's oil and leave your wig oil-free, keeping it secure!



BEAUTY FOREVER HAIR is professional in designing and producing human hair wigs. We focus on the best quality real hair wig products and have many types of wigs, including straight human hair wigs, curly real hair wigs, short virgin wigs and etc.
The cap construction of Beauty Forever human hair wigs are ultra thin, soft, breathable, antibacterial, UV protection and various to choose for your comfortable wearing. We have lace wigs, lace front wigs, full lace wigs and 360 lace wig. Our human hair lace front wigs are lustrous and nice in any view, they are crafted by experts, each strand of the real hair is knotted by hand. The ear to ear coverage perfectly aligns the hairline, make it super natural like your own hair. The lace front wigs also have adjustable straps which can be easily installed and caring in your daily life. The awesome memory cap retains the shape over head.
Visit to look for more comfortable and secure wig. We look forward to helping you keep your hairstyles fresh and new and tends to switch up your look a lot!

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