Chrissy Cousin's review on Her Curly Weave and Lace Frontal 

Chrissy Cousin usually use 2 bundles and a frontal to create a hair wig, but as this is curly and she kind of wanted it to be a little bit fuller than she usually would like to go with. So she use 3 and a half hair bundles, and she loves the density of the hair.


She loves this curly hair a lot, because she thinks Beauty forever Malaysian curly hair is fluffy and more "airy" than other hair. She's tring different texture of curly hair and try to figure out what She really like. If you all like just a natural looking beach curl deep curly hair, she would like to suggest you to go with this one. She said:"this is just so very pretty, I love this curl, it looks more of a natural hair, I like that I really don't have to do anything to this hair, it is low maintenance, it really didn't have any shedding so far. It is curly hair, it may get a little bit tangle not as much as some other curly hair would, This hair bundle and lace frontal is super low maintenance, and this is what I love about. if you want some spring summer hair, I definitely suggest you go with this."



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