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All You Need To Know About Fake Scalp Wig!

Jun 10, 2023

Fake scalp wig is the latest product launched by Beautyforever, but many people know this product, and many people are afraid to try it. Today I will take you to learn about our new star product-fake scalp wig, here is everything you want to know.

What Will You Learn In This Article?


* What Is Fake Scalp Wig?

* What Does a Fake Scalp Lace Cap Wig Look Like?

* When We Need A Fake Scalp Lace Wig?

* Fake Scalp Wig Features.

* Why Choose Beautyforever Fake Scalp Wig?


What Is A Fake Scalp Wig?


Beautyforever fake scalp wig is also called pre-made fake scalp wig which comes with a built fake scalp. Beautyforever adopts a new fake scalp method that addresses the stiffness caused by the glue method and makes it reusable without flushing issues.

jerry curly fake scalp wig

If you still don't know what a fake scalp wig is, read this first: What are fake scalp wigs?


What Does a Fake Scalp Cap Wig Look Like?


Before we all wearing the wig with the stocking cap method. With that method, we glue down the stocking cap to our head just like were bald, and in that way, the stocking cap can stay in place inside the wig, and also hide our own black hair, to make the hair parting and hairline looks more natural.


beautyforever body wave human hair wigs


Instead, we cut the stocking cap, and sewed it inside the wig in the front lace part as a fake scalp, in that way, we do not need to wear and glue a stocking cap inside the wig, and still can get the same effect. So we thought of making a wig that mimics the scalp, which is fake scalp wig. Whats more, we use the strong stretchable lace instead of the stocking cap material.


When We Need A Fake Scalp Wig?


If we prefer to remove our wigs every night, it is more convenient to remove only the wig, rather than a wig and a stocking cap. Not to mention that the stocking cap is very brittle.


So is pre-fake scalp necessary? That is entirely up to you! If you wear a sock cap inside, then wearing the fake scalp is ok, if you don't want to wear an extra sock cap inside the wig, please choose the wig with a pre-made fake scalp to hide your natural hair parting area.


beautyforever long straight hair wigs


After reading all of the above, you may already know the difference between a fake scalp wig and lace wigs.


In short, the fake scalp takes the place of the stocking cap.


Fake Scalp Wig Features:

Fake Scalp Wig human hair

Sew-in Fake Scalp - Sew-in Stretchable Lace in the Front Parting Area as a False Scalp


Bleached Knots - Hide the Hair Knots by Bleaching them to the Color Similar to Our Scalp


Pre-plucked Hairline – About 0.5 Tiny Single Knots Along the Hairline to Make the Hair Knots More Invisible


Removable Elastic Band – Sew-in an Adjustable Elastic Band to Make Your Wig Stay in Place and Flat the Hairline


We offer pre-made fake scalp black wigs in straight, wavy, curly wigs and kinky style. Natural black hair color is the most popular and classic color that fits any skin tone.


Why Choose Beautyforever Fake Scalp Wig?


At, we offer the best fake scalp wig. With an extra layer cord on the fake scalp, it is durable, washable, and wearable with no longevity issues. The delicate lace makes the scalp soft and breathable. Pre-bleached knots pair perfectly with the pre-made fake scalp for natural separation from the scalp. The hairline of all wigs is also pre-feathered and an elastic band is added, making the wigs do nothing.


Beautyforever human hair sale


With the fake scalp wig, you don't have to braid, wear wig caps, do the baldness method, or the fake scalp method. This fake scalp method is perfectly combined with the bleached knots that serve for the most natural skin separation. The hairline is pre-plucked for a natural look, the elastic band is also pre-stitched for secure use and snug without glue. This is the ultimate wig that you can put on your head and walk out the door.


Beauty Forever sells a variety of cheap fake scalp wigs, undetected invisible lace wigs for black women who bleach, and no wig cap needed at Beauty Forever hair wig store. You can always find your ideal fake scalp wig style with high quality and enjoy discount today. Check it now!


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