Sometimes it pays to be a member, and right now Beautyforever members can attest to that fact. Since 2021 March 19th, Beautyforever has been offering its members a new deal every month as part of its brand days promotion. While the first access to Top Sale lace front wigs and a headband wig has already been given out this month, you can still sign up and enjoy up to 50% percent discount on selected styles until April 16th as well as exclusive access to $10 and Free Gift.


Half-price anything is a win, and half-price Beautyforever hair is a certified victory. Whether youre looking to begin, or supplement, your essential lace front wigs, or stock up on chic style headband wigs for the holiday season, this Beautyforever brand day big sale is a no-brainer. To become a member and start shopping the sale now.


 Super Brand Day



The Details of Super Brand Day


What: Up to 50% percent discount, or All $99 Crazy Deals.


When: Every third Friday and Saturday of the month.


Code: Shop on the brand day and click the coupon on the brand day page during checkout.


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Can I participate in Beautyforever Brand Day?


If you have purchased a product on our official website before the member brand day, and the amount is unlimited, then you can participate in our member brand day activities. However, if you have not purchased products on our official website before, and have not registered as a member, please pay attention to the content of our activities. We may have some special activities for new members in the future.


How to become a member of Beautyforever?


It's simple! You only need to register and log in to our official website account, then you have become our member (new customers can get more discounts).


What if I don’t remember the date of the brand day?


no worries! We will send a reminder email to your registered mailbox before the start of the brand day, so that you will not miss the offer. Not only that, we will also send you company news and special offers and promotions. If you don’t want to receive our marketing emails, you just need to give feedback to our customer service.


I did not find coupons and free gifts!


On the member day page, there is a COUPON & FREE GIFTS, you must add the goods you want to buy and click here, you will get a coupon code.


 human hair coupon


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