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Beautyforever Hair Women's Day Sale 2022: Up to 51% off

May 28, 2023

Now we are welcoming Women's Day in 2022, and Beautyforever Women's Day Sale is here! Now is the best time to give your mother a gift. Have you prepared your shopping list? Scroll down to view our Women's Day Sale and choose the right human hair wigs or human hair weave for you or your family.

Beautyforever Women's Day Sale:


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If you are looking for ways to make your hair look beautiful and healthy, you are in the right place. This article discusses everything you need to know about hair care to help you have healthy and beautiful hair.


But first, lets discuss why hair care is essential and why you should never ignore it.


Happy Women's Day


The importance of hair care routine:


Hair generally creates a huge impact on someones mood and self-esteem. According to experts, hair is among the top reasons why a person may get plenty of compliments. Besides, you can change hairstyles to suit the mood and lifestyle.


Here are some of the top reasons why a hair care routine is vital.


1. It helps you have a clean scalp


When you wash your hair regularly, you will have a clean scalp. Of course, a clean scalp translates to healthy hair. It is always recommended to wash your hair at least once a week. In addition to that, you should always use the right products when washing your hair. This way, you will not only make your hair look shiny, but you will avoid damage associated with using the wrong products on your hair.


2. It makes your hair beautiful


Well-maintained hair generally looks beautiful. If you dont take care of your hair, it will look pale, ugly, and dull. This kind of hair wont do any good to your looks. So, if you want to make your hair looks beautiful, then you need to ensure that you incorporate an effective hair care routine.


3. A proper hair care routine can help prevent breakage and split ends


Another thing, poorly maintained hair is generally more prone to breakage and split ends. When you take care of your hair, you will wash, treat, and comb it properly, therefore, minimizing the chances of breakages and split ends.


4. You will extend the lifespan of your human hair wigs


Of course, one of the best ways to extend the lifespan of your wig is by taking proper care of it. Human wigs are more expensive compared to synthetic wigs. This is precisely why you need to take good care of it so that it can last longer and give you a high value for your money.

If you dont take proper care of your wig, it will get damaged very quickly; this only means that you shall have wasted your hard-earned money.


5. Improved self-esteem and self-confidence


As stated above, well-maintained hair looks beautiful and healthy. When your hair looks beautiful and healthy, that can make you feel more confident. The improved self-confidence can boost your productivity at work.


Happy Women's Day


Tips to help you take care of your human hair wig


A human hair wig is a significant investment that you cannot neglect at any cost. In addition to that, these kinds of wigs require the same amount of care as your natural hair. But you should keep in mind that wigs arent created equally. Some are thicker, while others arent. Some are also long, while others are short. They also come in different colors. In addition to that, they also require different hair products to care for them. That means you will use only the right products on your wigs if you want to maintain your wigs shine and beauty.


Here are some of the incredible tips to help you maintain your human hair wig and make it look beautiful and healthy:


1. Buy a good moisturizing conditioner


You need to have a good moisturizing conditioner for your hair. Thats because you will be washing your hair regularly. Even if you are the kind of person who is usually cautious about hair products, you will still have to buy products that you can use to wash your hair without damaging it. The best conditioner in the market is one that can saturate and help retain moisture in your hair.


2. Wash your human hair wig regularly


One of the simplest ways to make your human hair look healthy and beautiful is by washing it regularly. The best way to wash human hair is by wetting it first under the water. You can do this in the shower or hold it under the bathtub tap. This is just to protect it from tangling.

When washing your human hair wig, apply the shampoo from the top to the tip of the wig. Once you have done that, you can rinse the hair using clean, cold running water. Refrain from using hot water to rinse your hair since it can damage your strands. After rinsing the wig, gently squeeze any excess water from it. Then ensure that the wig dries off properly to avoid any foul smell.


3. Condition the wig properly


When your hair is still wet, you need to apply a good conditioner. Distribute the conditioner evenly to make it penetrates deeper into the wig. You can then let the conditioner rest in your wig for 5-10 minutes. When the wig is still wet and saturated with conditioner, detangle the hair gently, from the tip to the top. After that, rinse the conditioner using cold, running water.


 Beautyforever big sale


4. Brush your hair regularly


If you want to prevent the wig from tangling, you need to bush it as frequently as you can. Its also not about brushing it regularly alone; you should also use the right brush when brushing your hair. A wide-toothed comb is a perfect brush to help you untangle your hair. In addition to that, a wide-toothed comb can reduce shedding and handle bigger knots.


Tangle-free wigs generally look more beautiful and healthier compared to wigs that are full of tangles. So if you want to make your human hair wig look more beautiful, ensure that you brush it regularly.


5. Choose your hair products wisely


There are so many hair products in the market, which can make it difficult to know which is which. When buying your hair products, ensure that they are sulfate and paraben-free. Refrain from using hair products that contain alcohol. Thats because hair products that contain alcohol are potent to the structure of human hair wig, and it can strip the hair of its elasticity and moisture. Hair elasticity is vital since it enables hair to withstand the manipulation associated with hairstyling.


6. Use heat protectant sprays carefully


If you are considering a flat iron for styling your hair, you should use a heat protectant on your hair. It is always recommended to use the lowest heat setting since too much heat can cause damage to your hair.


7. Wear your wig less often


Wearing your wig more often can make it lose its vibrancy. This is why it is always to have as many wigs as you can so that you can alternate using them.  If you want to maintain your wigs vibrancy, you need to wear it as less often as you can.  Too much exposure to the sun, hairstyle manipulations, and harsh hair products really reduce your wigs lifespan.


8. Store your human hair properly


If you want to increase your wigs lifespan or maintain its appearance, you need to store it properly. You can't just throw your wig anywhere and still expect it to look healthier and beautiful or to last longer. Thats why you need to store it properly.


Before you store your wig, you need to clean it and brush it to remove the tangles. If you washed your human hair wig recently, you need to ensure that it is dry. A wet human hair wig can form mold and give a foul smell. This is why you should never store your wig if it is wet. When it comes to storing your wig, you need to hang it on a wig hanger or mannequin head when you are not using it.


Having healthy and beautiful hair is not rocket science, it is achievable. So long as you wash your hair regularly, use the right hair products, wear your wig less often, and store it properly when not in use, your human hair can look as stunning as it can. With beautiful and healthy hair, you will definitely feel good about yourself.


Finally, I wish you all a Happy Women's Day!

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