1. Good stylist may be very limited on campus: many college girls choose to do each other's hair, which can lead to a complete disaster, and it is irreversible or a failed hairstyle, you are forced to wear it on the first class in the morning. Wearing a hair weaves will give you a predictable level, as long as you cover it at night, protect your mind at ease, protect it during the day.


2. Weaving can help with the first semester transition: If you have been a college student for a while, you know that the first semester is crazy and you have to adapts to your new environment. From knowing your different courses to new teachers, and new concepts like federal student aid can get so hectic and challenging that your hair will only add more drama to a already confused torture. If you wear a hair weaves, that will lets you ignore your hair for a while while focusing on all the other things being thrown at you, it can help transition to your new life. While a straight or body wave hair weaves will always be a good choice for a college girls.


3. Limited use of hair products: Have you heard of "poor college students"? This is a real phenomenon, who have the money to buy "expensive" products to ensure that their hair in this semester remain good and protected? Not to mention the limited space in the hostel, where will you keep all the hair? With weaving style, you can really get 3 products max! no problem. Hair is elastic and can be maintained with simple products that do not damage the bank or take up too much of the book space. Tip: Get advice from your stylist, the best and easiest product you need to take you to college to maintain your hair while in the weaving style. Stock at home, so when you come to visit, you can take a bottle or let your parents ship you.


4. University activities usually require low maintenance hairstyle: If you play soccer, running or partying hard to get into the night wearing a low maintenance style that can withstand sweat may be your best bet. As a college student, you want to enjoy all aspects of your college life and hair should not be a deterrent. Prepare these activities wearing an easy-to-maintain weave that can take the strict Frat Party or the swimming pool. In addition, you will always look great, no matter what, because your style will always be predictable, you only need to change your clothes, your accessories, and of course your shoes!


Do you have good or bad experience wearing hair weaves at college?