Beautyforever Hair Extensions are 100% Remy Human hair extensions. Incredible quality, hair natural down to the ends, you can have the fullest, longest hair you've ever had with Beautyforever best hair extensions. Options of hair extensions contains: Clip in hair, Tape in extensions, Nail hair extensions, I tip hair extensions, String hair extensions.


Hair extensions

Extremely affordable, invisible bondings, hardly noticeable, dense, soft long and natural hair. Available in various options, long hair lengths, wonderful hair colors and hair volum.


Hair extensions are available in lengths 18" 20" 22" 24". Once you have chosen what kind of hair extensions to apply, you’ll need to assess which length will be suitable for you. Simply measure downwards from the top of your ear will give you the answer of which length you need.


Want to create beautiful body and thick, voluminous hairstyles? Hair Extensions will make your fine hair look more voluminous. 50g, 100g/pack available.


Beautyforever Hair Extensions has multiple shades and colors to choose from. The color chart is a great way to assist you on the right choice for your extensions. Hair extensions are available in various shades Black, Dark brown, Chocolate Brown, Blonde, Grey, and ombre.


Caring for your hair extensions

1. Hair extensions needs the same care as your own hair.
2. Use shampoo and conditioners to maintain your hair extensions when washing.
3. Run your fingers through the bonds to keep them separated once in a while.
4. Brushes your hair extensions with wide comb.