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Can You Swim In A Wig?

Yes, of course you could swim in a wig and avoiding hair dropping meanwhile. All of us enjoy swimming in the pool, beach for coolness, or sinking into your bathtub for a moment of peace. Wigs seem our inevitable barrier, as when we drive into water, gel and adhesive may lose their functions and thus make hair fall. What a terrible thing it is!

Do not worry, we definitely could swim in a wig.


How to swim with a wig on?



Apply waterproof wig glue or tape

Whether you swim in a freshwater lake or sea, water is a vital factor, that exerts a bad impact on wig glue. It destroys the stability of wigs no matter what types of wigs you are wearing, human hair lace front wigs or synthetic wigs.

Normal wig glue, gel, the tape could not withstand water erosion, buying waterproof wig glue, gel, adhesive, or tape is the most convenient way for you to enjoy the surf without worrying about your look.

Add Extra Wig Clips

 chocolate brwon hair


In addition to water solubility, water pressure is also a major threat to hair safety.

Ordinary wig glue, gel slowly dilutes over time after being immersed in water, dissolves, loses its ability to hold the hair in place, and eventually causes the wig to fall off. But this is a relatively slow process, and the threat of water pressure to the security of the wig is swift and violent. It may lean hair to one side in a second and embarrass you for a long time.

Clip human hair wigs and synthetic wigs with big and wide wig clips. Tie them into a whole unit to resist water pressure.

Please remember your own hair is fragile as well underwater, so wide and big clips are better than slim ones to avoid ripping out under stress.


How to take care of your favorite wigs in summer?


Moisturizing hair spray is necessary

      sea water

Dry, frizzy wigs and hot weather are not a good combination. Extremely hot temperatures and little water vapor are undeniably unhealthy for human hair wigs, as they can leave hair dry and brittle. This can be exacerbated by constant heat and neglect in care. Wearing this kind of wig to swim is not a good choice.

Please pack moisturizing hair spray in your bag and use it when your hair tends to be dry and crisp. Apply spray in the shade, or ultraviolet rays will heat hair again when water evaporates.

Beach braids are your nice option

 braid hair

After swimming, your wig is wet, it can be difficult to return it to its cute style without ripping off the cap, pulling out the hair, or removing the wig from the head.

Give yourself a cute braid before you head to the pool, so you have a water-loving style that looks just as good wet as it does dry. 

Detangle your wig

Whether you are going to drive into the sea or play outside with your friends, remember to detangle your hair first. Generally, tangled hair is more likely to further tangle and matting, especially in chlorinated and salted water. Whats more, tangled hair is more susceptible to damage and loss.

Wear a trendy hat

A hat not only plays a great role as sunblock but protect your favorite wig from ultraviolet ray. Sometimes a thick hat sweat you, then a light alternative straw hat is waiting for you. High-quality straw hats will not hurt your hair with harsh straw, the delicate craft of weaving comfort you and enhance your beauty on the beach. Breathable hats even prolong the last time of wigs to a great degree.


Beautyforever V Part Glueless Wigs


Worry about the wig falling in the water? Try this one.

 blonde lace front wigs with highlights


Kinky curly natural scalp human hair wig, ungraded patterns with two different cap sizes, providing better service.

V part glueless wigs are beginner-friendly wigs, they are also called ready-to-wear wigs. Only 1020 minutes are needed to install and style hair. Firm and delicate wig clips hold the wig on your head securely. In addition, an elastic band on the back of the wig helps to fix hair tightly. Even under strong water pressure, the V part wig is still stable.

Beauty forever natural black color v part wig kinky curly glueless human hair wig has no glue, no gel, no lace, only need minimal leave out. Natural scalp protective hairstyles allow you to show your own real scalp in your parting area. They are more natural, easier to install, and quicker to put on and take off every day. Considering the difficulty of cutting lace accurately, we pre-cut the lace in the middle into the V part for free. If you want it uncut, please leave a note on the checkout page.


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