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Dark Auburn Lace Front Wigs--The Same Merchandise As The Celebrity Sophiology

Today, she will have a date herself with a dark auburn body wave lace frontal wig. She uses a flat iron to style the wig more curly and lay down the baby hair carefully. She just presses a little presses powder on the lace. The color of HD lace is close to her scalp so that it looks so natural.

It is a sunny day.  Sophiology gets up early this morning. She telephones her friend.


“Hello! You get up so early! It is like 7:30.”


Yes, she wakes up early because she is going to have a busy but nice day. She makes a plan: “I'm about to go to the grocery store and then after that gym, and then I have my therapy session. And after that, I'm going to go get my lashes done and some whatever else I want to get done to myself today.”


When she tells her friend about this day, she also says it is just a plan. But a plan represents great expectation.“For I know the plans I have for you, says the lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and the future.”


 13X4 Lace Front Wigs With Baby Hair


Her friend loves her last video very much so that she watched it last night over and over again. “It is like a movie, I cannot stop watching it.” Sophiology is so happy and surprised. Loved by her friends gives her the courage and encouragement to make videos better. They talk about her video for a while, and find her friend’s interest in the video, Sophiology asks her if she wants to see herself on TV. She rejects. “ I'm just thinking about all the scenarios (bad things) of that happening to me the first time.” After they exchanged ideas about false eyelashes, they appoint a lunch next week and sophiology is going to dress her up.


Today, she will have a date herself with a dark auburn body wave lace frontal wig. She uses a flat iron to style the wig more curly and lay down the baby hair carefully.  She just presses a little presses powder on the lace. The color of HD lace is close to her scalp so that it looks so natural.




She picks a bright orange dress in the beginner. The cloth make her so pretty and charming, like a fire jumps into my heart. It is a pity that there is a blot on the right sleeve. She has to change her clothes. Then, a wonderful purple dress shows up. Not as bright as the previous one, the color of it is simple, but two vents in the leg make her so sexy. I love this one!


She drives her white car with the terrific hair to the gourmet restaurant. It is such an elegant and comfortable place with great service. She eats while talking on the phone with a male friend, and enjoy the peaceful time with satisfaction. After finish lunch, a friend of her comes to company her. They drink together and talk a while. She goes home and take a hot bath at the pool with her friend.


Sophilology is happy and touched, she never thought the god could hear and answer her prayer. She likes her life now. She puts her life into her job and does it well.


The sun rises in the east and set in the west, and the day passes quickly. She starts her day in the morning light. The first thing she is going to do is to clean all the rooms up. We all like a neat and tidy place, don't we? If I were her, I would become too tired to exercise. But she does exercise then. She loves the feeling of fat burning, even though she may smell bad.


It seems that the wig is breathable and soft for her hair still looks calm and cool after vigorous exercise. And it is gorgeous when she decorates the hair by an amber headband. Then, she goes to shopping in a black suit, her favorite.


 13X4  Kinky Straight Lace Front Wigs With Baby Hair



There are so many goods are displayed on the shelves, attractive and affordable, waiting for her. Obviously, vanilla sugar in the clear glass bottles catch the eye of her. And she picks some of them as the gift for her friends and leaves out two bottles for herself.


The day turns into black quickly, and it is the time to cook dinner. She stands in the front of the camera, with her clear and charming dark auburn hair, smile at me. Then, turn off the screen.


I was immersed in her video for a long time, and moved by her love for life. Meanwhile, I wondered what make her wig so pretty and stay cool for such a long time. It is still a secret for me, but I already got the same one as her. If you have watched the video and want to get a same one as well, click on this link, you will have the pretty wig as quick as possible.


Here are the comments under her video.


Just Janice: 9 minutes into the vlog, I am already inspired to buy a new wig, become a fine babe and take myself out on a luxury date.


Shelby Charles: First off, I say this auburn hair suits you extremely well. You are beautiful. You put the fine in fine baby. Second of all, I really enjoyed the simplicity and content of the vlog. Third of all, I am super happy you are finding joy these days, even with the simplest things. Love to see it! Keep taking care of yourself girl!


IFEA: girl when i say this your creative juice is just flowing! The story-telling at the beginning to the date...content is giving! Also this wig is calling my name ohh and it is like I am gonna answer!


Pretty kombe: If blessed and highly favoured was a person, I am loving this transformation era Sophie. It is giving healed fine girl vibes. I love love the red hair and all the outfits.


Mena-Adubea: Gosh, that Copper hair is BOMB! Your makeup is also fire and the intro-wow! A movie!


I love this vlog and I so need to try the solo dates! And Yes please to the devotional! I have been looking for a good one and going to go purchase the One!



Please do not hesitate. It is definitely worth to try!


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