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Dominique A Review: 33B Aubrun 13x4 Lace Wig!

There is a lace component in the front of the lace front wigs which helps cover the head. Lace wigs can help cowl the complete head area. Nevertheless, you may locate specific types of wigs available in the market with different styles, colors, and lengths. The most common types might include 13×6 lace front wigs, 10×4 lace front wigs, 4×4 lace front wigs, and more.

However, one of the most popular and in-demand wigs among women and young ladies is a 13×4 lace front wig. The wig is exceptionally easy to install. If you are obsessed with your hair and want to get a unique style every time you go to an event, this wig can take your beauty to the next level.


Moreover, you would be amazed to know that many influencers and prominent personalities get this wig from Beauytyforever for their big days and occasions. To your surprise, Dominique A also bought this wig and shared her experience.


However, before we delve into the blog to explore what Dominique A says about this wig and how was her followers’ feedback, lets explore what is a 33B Aubrun 13x4 Lace Wig!


33B Aubrun 13×4 Lace Wig


A 13x4 lace front wig is made from lace that extends 13 inches in the front of the wig to cowl the complete hairline. The wig has been observed with the aid of using a four inches deep part to give you a flawless look. Wig length is four inches in the back and thirteen inches in the front. You can easily wear it on the front of the head. This is a first-rate and particular wig for girls and may be used for a protracted time.



Dominique A Review: 33B Aubrun 13x4 Lace Wig!


I do not usually go for this color but this color did something definitely good for me and makes me look a little bit different. The Auburn wig is not what I wanted but I ended up living it eventually.


I also think that the colors like honey brown in this texture will look nice. This is the very first time when I find a service provider or a company that offers a variety of colors, textures, and styles in wigs.


I suggest you attempt the 13×4 lace wigs whether you want to have a changed look during the day or at night. The wig appears very natural due to the fact it's miles made from an organic hairline. 13/4 lace wigs are economical, versatile, natural, comfortable, and additionally offer an enhanced look. The wig has great density, is nothing too heavy, and is easy to wear colored wigs. The side, hairline, and front all look smooth and seamless. No matter what outfit you wear, the wig will always compliment your personality.


The wig looks all shiny, voluminous, and free of tangles. The forehead and ears can be completely hidden by the wig. So no one will ever be able to tell that you are wearing a wig when you wear this wig. Your hair will seem more natural as a result giving you a realistic appearance.


Moreover, it is simple to utilize this wig. The best transparent lace frontal closure is used in the construction of the 13 x 4 Lace Wig. You may wear the wigs for a number of hours without discomfort.


I simply loved this wig and will definitely buy more from the same company.


 Kinky Straight Lace Front Wigs 33B Color



Followers’ Feedback


  • Take a drink every time Dom says unit” … this hair is beautiful!!! Just gorgeous on you!


  • Oh...This color is STRIKING!! The texture is definitely one of my favorites!! Win! Win! This beauty!


  • Hey CAPI this unit is just freaking gorgeous and your BITCHIN Beat Look is Always on point Okayyyyyy thx for sharing vid You Nail-It every time Light. Peace and blessings!


  • Love love love this color. So bomb on you melanated queen. Just bought. Love a good code deal.


  • I know you said that you didn't choose this color but whoever did, knew what they were doing because YOU AND THIS UNIT ARE GLOWING!!!!!


  • This color is bomb. I kept seeing their ADA on IG but their photos looked reused from other sites. Thanks for reviewing


  • Hello she is beautiful I love the color and it highlights your skin tone


  • You got me caught up and I bought her. let's see if I can do the install justice.


  • Gorgeous Dom. Flawless per usual. Dom, did you clean up with alcohol after spraying with the Ebin?


  • Gotta say loving it the most without the "baby hair" tried of baby hair look some people just overdo it. Nice color


  • What lace glue did u use and the melting spray...I feel like u don't include that info anymore... looks.


  • I have this wig and baby, I love it. I wore her straight but definitely going to curl her next time. Can't wait for the video to drop!


  • Well damn I saw this wig. And I second guess myself ️️️️️Im going back color is so pretty! I saw it on Facebook advertised, but I did not trust it was legit!


  • I was late for the live....Crap. I still watched and enjoyed!!


  • You look pretty .and you are very professional 


If you're searching out a natural-looking wig with an ideal hairline, then the probabilities is you may be searching out a 13x4 lace front wig to meet all of your hair needs. You can always check and scroll down the Beauytyforever site to select yours!


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