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Finding the Best Quality Human Hair Extensions

Hair extension is highly popular in Hollywood for celebrities need to change their looks daily. It will limited to style their own hair or will cause damage to their own hair. Human hair extension is a good way to enhance one's beauty. Kim Kardashian contributes the trend's popularity among regular people to the accessibility that clip in and tape in extensions have.

Finding the best quality Human Hair Extensions

Finding the best quality human hair extensions isn't always easy. You know your perfect match is out there somewhere but sometimes you just don’t know where to look for your silicone-free suitor. And right now, with everyone from Kim Kardashian showing off long lengths, we’ve never been more in the market to try out some extensions. If you are thinking of try hair extensions, I suggest you try Beauty Forever Remy Hair Extensions.


Why suggest Beauty Forever Hair Extension?

Beauty forever hair use 100 percent unprocessed virgin human hair, manual picking best human hair to produce best quality human hair extensions.


Various human hair extension methods: Clip in hair, Tape in hair, U tip hair extensionI tip hair extension and String/Rope hair extension for you to choose. Fushion U tip hair extensions are by far my favorite type of extension, because of how invisible and versatile they are. I really struggled not being able to put my hair in a high pony when I had tape extensions, but with these it’s fine! 5 hair extension methods & 9 color for you to choose at beautyforever.com!


How to apply and style Hair Extensions

'Trying to use larger extensions to cover more ground faster is a mistake as it will look fake,' said Lisa, a famous hairstylist. Instead, focus on smaller sections only where you feel you don't have enough hair. Kristina advises teasing the line where you will be clipping in the extensions before application 'for added grip'. When clipping in, 'make sure to secure the clip-in taught, straight and flat to the head so there are no bumps,' she said.


When using a hot tool to curl or straighten, pass it through sections that contain both your natural hair and the the extension, and to help camouflage clips, Lisa likes using a teasing comb to create volume and layers. Hair extensions need regular maintenance and cleaning to protect both the synthetic and natural hair.

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