1.Do not pull hard.

When human hair closures were wear a long time with a bad knot and not easliy to comb,please do not pull hard, we should be wiped with a special non-oily hair care solution and then slowly and carefully comb;


2.Do not ignore your human hair cleaning.

Human hair closures are generally cleaned once every 10 days. Before washing, first use a comb from top to bottom gently to comb, and then put the hair in warm water (water temperature 25 ~ 30 ℃) with the shampoo, soak for 10 minutes, when wash the hair,we can comb the sticky material on the human hair. Note, do not rub the hair on the water, so the human hair closures are easily to shed and break. Finally, then the hair closures rinse with water and use a towel to absorb the water in the hair, to wipe a little hair conditioner, hanging in the ventilation to dry naturally.


3.Do not use chemical products.

Be careful not to spray jelly and hair wax on the hair closures, because they will make the hair becaome sticky,and adsorb a lot of dust.


4.Do not tie too high.

Human hair closures can be tied up, but can not tie too high, or our own real hair below will leak out, it is not realistic enough!


5.Do not tie the hair too tight!

If you want to tie your hair in the warm weather,please don't tie your hair closures too tight,because that is easy to destroy the hair shape, and easy to make the hair shedding.


Please do not do five things on your hair closures,that not only can keep their hair shiny, flexible, and to avoid hair loss; extend the life of the hair, to reduce the cost of closures hair.Beautyforever Hair is a variety of human hair manufacturers,we have human hair weave,lace closure,human hair wigs and so on, welcome to order!