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Guide of The Human Hair Protection from Breakage

Human hair has got to be one of the most interesting parts of our natural bodies. But during the winters and autumn season, our hair tends to form hair bundles due to many factors such as the dryness within the air, the static electricity due to the dryness, and the layering of clothes that we do. Such human hair bundles or wigs can be quite damaging if not properly taken care of!

Human hair is one of those things that people immediately notice about another person before anything else. So why is it that we do not give it the care that it deserves most of the time? Especially now, during the winters and autumn season, our hair tends to form hair bundles due to many factors such as the dryness within the air, the static electricity due to the dryness, and the layering of clothes that we do. Such hair bundles can be quite damaging if not properly taken care of! And I must clarify that natural hair wigs are also equally as important in this conversation because after all they are also made up of human hair because of which they require the same amount of attention and care if not more.


So here are some ways in which you can protect your hair (whether it is your natural hair or natural hair wigs) from breakage especially during the seasons of winter and autumn.


Understanding what causes breakage


As mentioned above, breakage tends to occur more frequently during the winter and autumn season but there can be a plethora of reasons and causes behind hair breakage. Keep in mind! Hair breakage is different from hair loss! Hair loss is when entire strands of hair come off from your scalp in bundles during brushing or otherwise, whereas hair breakage is when you find shorter strands of hair among the long ones. So this kind of hair breakage occurs due to five main causes (for both natural hair wigs as well as a human hair). The first and most common reason is a hair tie. Surprising? Not really think about it, the tighter you tie your hair with a hairband or an elastic tie the more pressure there is on the hair causing breakage. And this is especially more prominent if you have coarse hair causing an even further emphasis on hair bundles and resulting in breakage. Excessive hair damage, such as due to over-styling your hair on a daily basis using hairdryers, straighteners, curlers etcetera (basically any tool that uses heat to affect the hair) as also major contributors to hair breakage. Bleaching and dying, especially light colors, damage the roots of the hair which obviously accelerates the hair breakage process. Rubbing a towel on wet hair after the shower is the second last component on our list, and not trimming your hair on time comes down to our fifth and final reason among the main reasons for the breakage of hair.


Understanding these causes is important because finding the remedy is not the same for everyone suffering from hair breakage. Each person will have a different case depending on how they take care of their hair.


Preventing hair breakage


Now that we have a better understanding of the causes of human hair breakage let us take a look at the possible solutions and preventions. Naturally, for each of the causes stated above, there is a simple yet effective solution if taken seriously and abided to over a long period of time. First and foremost, if you are someone like me and are used to tying your hair in an extremely tight hair tie, now is your sign to let your hair loose! I would suggest swapping out your hair tie for something more friendly like clips thus resulting in not only relieving pressure from your hair but also your scalp. Trust me, you will thank yourself! Secondly, reduce the number of heat treatments you apply to your hair, all that daily hairstyling using a hairdryer, straightener, and curler need to be given a rest! This links me to my next point to avoid drying your hair by rubbing a towel on it. Try and let your hair go through a natural drying process for the best result. Your hair breakage and scalp will thank you! The second last prevention on our list is using fewer coloring and dyeing products! Steer clear from the harmful chemicals and you will thank yourself. Last but not the least, there is absolutely no harm in visiting a barber on time for your split ends. Ignoring split ends can be really bad for your human hair wigs in the long run.


Things to keep in mind


All in all, taking care of your natural hair wigs can be a really simple task that should not require too much time or effort, but just some simple tweaks to small habits that we have established over the years. We only discussed a few main reasons for the damage and breakage of hair today whereas there are many and countless unique reasons why hair breakage might occur for you! The key is to first figure out the cause of the breakage and then come up with prevention to stop it. We hope these ways were a nice easy insight into the small but effective ways you can either prevent breakage or even better yet, stop it way before it even happens! And remember, everyones hair journey is different. What is important is that you realize a need to pay attention to your body and cater to it accordingly. We hope our insights were helpful for you to start your own journey towards taking care of your human hair whether that is hair loss or hair breakage!

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