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Guide To Buy Your First Wig

It is exhausting to navigate the maze of options to pick a proper wig that can shine your outfit and reflect your beauty well, especially if there is your first time buying a wig. I know your feelings, everyone has to go through this process: make some mistakes at first then learn something useful, and become skillful finally.

However, you can certainly avoid unnecessary mistakes so that save money to buy more great wigs you are seeking for. We are here to help you choose the right wig from two different wig materials, a spectrum of colors, cap construction, lengths, styles, and the size of wigs.


Which of the materials do you prefer: human hair wigs or synthetic wigs?


A wig is a must-have for people from all walks of life, they wear them daily. The lifespan of wigs depends on these two raw materials.

Human hair wigs are made of natural human hair, from many countries of the world, such as Malaysia, India, Peruvian, America, and so on. Some 100% virgin human hair wigs never get chemical processing, so keep them high-quality as they stay on the head. Virgin human hair wigs look super realistic and fabulous and can be styled by heat tools if you would like to. But as you know, they are more expensive than synthetic wigs because of their high cost.

With good maintenance, Beautyforever high-quality human hair wigs could last for more than half a year with daily life wearing.

Synthetic wigs are much cheaper in contrast to virgin human hair wigs. Monofilament and fiber are all the materials of synthetic wigs, which are easy to make and time-saving. Synthetic wigs always have shiny unnatural glossy, and it is obvious in the sunlight that they look wired.

However, it definitely has an advantage in that human hair wigs can not catch with, lightweight. Light and fine synthetic wigs bring customers a comfortable wearing experience and unwind the neck the whole day.

Nowadays, there is a specially designed synthetic wig to satisfy the desire for heat tools usage. But it is hard to say that high-temperature results in no damage to synthetic hair.


Lace Front VS Close Front VS V/U Part


After making a big decision about the raw material of wigs, the next you need to do is choose your favorite cap construction.

Image the wig as a hat covering your head, hair wrapped outside, the inside construction differs. Although no one will see the cap construction from the outside, it ultimately influences your wearing feelings, the way you part your hair, and styles your hairstyle.

Lace Frontal Wig


A piece of melting lace is sewn on the front of the wig cap to give people a seamless hairline and natural hair crack. Different lace proportions have a different impact on wigs. For example, 13 inches length and 4 inches width lace area across the forehead, from ear to ear, making sure whether you have a big head or a small one, it will cover your forehead fully.

A lace front cap that blends your complexion nicely creates a perfect-natural hairline easily. With the help of lace powder, you could part the hair any side and appear supernatural, even wearing another wig cap first.

Closed Front Wig

These sorts of wigs are normal wigs without lace parts. The cap construction is integrated with the whole wig, made of normal cloth, which is soft and comfortable.

V/U Part Wigs

If you do not love applying glue on your skin to hold the wig in place, V part wigs and U part wigs are the better options.

A V part wig has a V-shaped opening, which should be fixed by clips and gives you a natural hairline look. Leave a branch of hair in the middle of your head, pin the clips on the hair and blend your natural hair with the wig.

U part wigs do the same as V part wigs, they are also ready-to-go wigs that really save time on wig installation. Moreover, V/U part wigs can be moved when you are going to sleep, which avoids unnecessary hair friction and keeps hair stay moisture and glossy as well.


Hair Color


Plenty of hair colors are on show and waiting for you to have a try.


The black color appears natural as your natural hair color.

Blonde ombre or highlights elevate your beauty and temperament.

The copper tone becomes popular this year and is worth having a try.

Candy hair colors seem young and energetic, and make you look younger than the truth.




Please do not set a limit to yourself that you have to apply a single hairstyle or only that one reflects your beauty. That is not true at all.


You have the right to try any hairstyle and of course, you can try out different hairstyles to show your beauty. Want to be more friendly? Natural kinky curly and Jerry curly smile at you. Sexy hairstyles are your favorite? Try a body wave curly hairstyle. Elevate your style to a great extent. A fashionable bob is made for you.

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