My hair always is quite long, I always wanted to be adventurous with my hair but only when it comes to color. It is more of having options to style my hair, that’s why I want it long. Though mine needs more volume, especially if I want to sport ala-VS angel curls. Good thing that there are products to help enhance one’s hair without looking fake, like using Brazilian human hair extensions, clip in hair. These extensions are natural so you can style them just like how you would your normal hair.


There are some time that my hair is short, it is really very anxious to wait hair grow long again. Also there are other things I can do if I want long hair again. Say for example I need to attend an event and want to wear long luscious curled hair, I can always use hair extensions or use a curly weave. A lot of people do it so I can too right.


Did you know that for the ultra thick, full hair, Brazilian hair extensions are the ideal choice. Naturally thick and yet with a feeling of lightness to it, these human hair extensions give you amazing body yet still super soft and shiny. Choosing straight hair extensions just like the ones from Beauty Forever allows one to straighten or curl their hair as they desire; thus letting you stay in control of your style.


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