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How Do You Do Ombre Hair at Home?

Jun 5, 2023

One of the most well-liked hair color trends for many years has been Ombre hair, and it doesn't appear that will change anytime soon. After all, it requires relatively little upkeep. Even better, you may obtain such hair not just at salon but also by yourself at home. Wondering how? Learn how to achieve hair with Ombre by reading on.

What is Ombre Hair?


The coloring process known as ombre makes the bottom of your hair appear lighter than the top. Bleaching the bottom part of your hair is required to get this result. You may also color the bottom section of your hair after bleaching it to avoid a brassy or orange tint. Although it is unnecessary, this extra step aids in bringing your ombre's tone into balance.


Step to do Ombre Hair at Home


1. Choose a color


As a result, you should pick a hue that complements your skin tone. The typical choices are a lighter shade of brown, a redder or auburn hue, or a blonder hue.


  • Traditional and reverse ombre are the two variations. In a typical ombre, your hair is lighter at the tips than at the roots; in a reverse ombre, the opposite is true.
  • No more than two shades lighter than your current hair color should be your choice.
  • Your hair will look more natural and sun-kissed the more subtly the color is changed.
  • Look for gentle or all-natural colors that won't harm your hair whenever you can.


2. Choose the point at which the fade should end


The place where your natural and dyed color will converge is just as crucial as the color choice. The safer your appearance will be, the lower down in your hair the two meet. Run the danger of looking like you have grown-out roots rather than a lovely ombre if the two hues meet too high.


  • Longer hair lends itself better to ombre coloring since you are less likely to seem to have grown-out roots. The deeper down the ombre may start to create its contrast, the longer the hair must be.
  • Generally speaking, where the two tones meet is at the jawline.


3. Bleach your hair


Combine the bleach.

Put on an old t-shirt, wear gloves and brush your hair. To remove the color from your hair, you need to use bleach unless performing a reverse ombre. Using powdered bleach and 20 volumes of peroxide in equal amounts is the simplest and least expensive bleaching technique.


  • Make portions in your hair. Make a central part in your hair and divide it in two. Then split each half into whichever many parts you choose. You should split your hair into quarters and divide each half again.
  • You might wish to separate your hair into multiple pieces if it is long and thick.
  • To distinguish one portion from the others, pin or knot them off. Always make sure that any clips you use are non-metallic.
  • Always be sure that any clips you use are non-metallic since metals might react with the styling products you use on your hair.
  • Tease the hair in the vicinity of the starting point of the ombre.
  • Use a brush that you would feel comfortable discarding after you are through.


Get started bleaching your hair

Beginning with the ends and moving up to the desired fade line, add bleach. Work so that you have all the strands equally covered with the lightning product rather than working quickly or in huge portions.


  • Make careful to properly distribute the bleach across both sides of your hair.
  • Make sure the bleach begins at roughly the same place on both sides by checking the mirror.
  • Make careful to cover every hair strand you intend to bleach. Check the strands that you might have missed; even saturation is important.
  • Instead of painting the hair in a horizontal motion, apply the bleach with an applicator brush and make vertical strokes along the strand to prevent a sharp line or line of demarcation.
  • Remove the remaining bleach if you like the shade. Leave it in if you want to go lighter and check it again in 5–10 minutes.


Rinse the bleach off

As you rinse the bleach with warm water, keep your gloves on. After that, use a shampoo devoid of sulfates to wash your hair. If you don't remove all the bleach, your hair will keep getting lighter. Your hair doesn't need to be conditioned yet.


  • Take out the remaining bleach if you enjoy the color. If you want to go lighter, leave it in and check it again in 5–10 minutes.
  • Keep the bleach in for just 10 to 20 minutes if you want a small color change.
  • Bleach should be left on for 40–45 minutes for a more pronounced color change. Another way to avoid orange or brassy tones is to let the bleach in longer.


Wash out your applied bleach

Wash the bleach off with warm water while wearing your gloves. Use a shampoo devoid of sulfates to wash your hair after that. Your hair will continue to brighten if you don't remove all the bleach. Right now, hold off on conditioning your hair.


4. Color your hair


Check to see if your hair is dry. Dry it off with a cloth before starting the coloring process. You could even want to wait for your hair to dry mostly for an hour or two.


  • By splitting your hair into its original pieces, section off your hair once again.
  • When bleaching or dying your hair, wear gloves. If you don't, you'll also wind-up bleaching or dying your hands.
  • Brush your color and get it ready. Prepare your color according to the directions and measure out and mix the ingredients for most box hair dyes.
  • Allow the color to dry and wash away. After giving your hair color the necessary length of time to set, rinse it off with warm water. Then give your hair a thorough wash with a shampoo devoid of sulfates.


As normal, blow-dry and style your hair. Your hair may look best if you let it air dry without using any hot equipment as it is a little damaged from the chemical color.


The ultimate practice? Maintaining Ombre hair!


Use the proper colored hair products to tone and care for your color, in addition to taking care of your hair with deep conditioners.

You'll need one of our top shampoos for colored hair if you have blonde, lighter portions to prevent brassiness.

Remember to constantly use colored wigs if you don't want to bleach your hair as well.

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