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How to Care Headband Wig

Looking beautiful and charming is nearly the dream of every woman, let alone younger ones. A headband wig is one of the biggest measures of beauty. We learned that the biggest difference between wearing a wig and lace wigs is the headband. So how do you care for a headband wig? Here, we once again propose to you the final solution.

The important part for these wigs is that they lack the glues, gels and pins to attach the wigs to head part. These will prevent the hair damage due to glue. Also, after getting wet due to sweating the glue may loosen the strands attached to the cap.


The headband wig is extremely soft and therefore is much comfortable. The material used in the fabrication of wigs is breathable so the hair underneath the wig cap can get air ventilation in a good amount. Plus, these headband wigs provide significant length as well as volume to your thinning hair. Very soft, stretchable material makes them very convenient to use. Along with the sweatproof nature, these are also waterproof and therefore are easy to clean and upkeep.


 curly human hair headband wig


The headband provided is very elastic in nature and provides good attachment. These are capable of hiding entire bald area or surface and give a wearer a completely new and elegant look. The no glue and no lace pattern make these wigs extremely suitable for new wig users. these are the favorite of a working woman or busy moms due to their time-saving nature. most of the time the wigs are ready to use and user can directly install them on the head but if required custom-made with different choices like a half wig. wearing the half wig,, you can change the headband arbitrarily according to the fashion collocation of the day, it sounds great!. you can also choose different types of wigs like curly, straight, water wave, etc. plus you can also experiment with color, texture and density of hairs in the wig.


Owing to their superiority the headband wigs are on the top of popularity. but the big challenge while using the wigs is their durability and retention of quality. but dont worry a few good headband care tips and you are all set to rock everyone with your looks. normally headband wigs can last up to 1-2 years if properly taken care of. Many people find that the lifespan may differ depending upon how people upkeep their wigs. if you treat your real hair wig like your original hair with love and care then the wigs can definitely last longer that you expect. Here we present some hair care tips for your headband wig that will definitely make the task easy.


Give your headband wig a good and periodic washing:


Even after wearing a wig, you are not exempted from regular washing of your hair. Human hair wigs just like your original hair require a well-planned and regular washing. As these wigs are made from 100% virgin human hair, they require some care and affection as our natural hairdo.


 human hair headband wig for women


Headband wig is the same as all other human hair wigs, may get tangled when exposed to heavy breeze and therefore needs to be detangled carefully, which otherwise break. Before washing the headband wig first detangled them properly with help of a wide-toothed comb or most preferably by your forefingers. The hairdressers always advise to comb the hair from tips and slowly upwards towards the base. During washing of hair, you can take the help of bathtub or basin to slightly wet the hair. This will stop wig hairs from getting tangled. You can then use a good quality shampoo in the required quantity to form the thin lather of foam. After applying shampoo, the hairs must be rinsed with clean and cold water and make sure that all traces of shampoo were removed. Do not rub the wig hair very harshly. Also, avoid twisting as it may cause damage to hair. After finished washing gently taps dry the hairs with a clean and soft towel to avoid wring or rub.


However, for the headband, some people have questions, can it wash the headband with shampoo? Yes. If you don't want to wash the headband, it is okay, but I recommend washing it. Just like washing clothes, apply shampoo to the headband, rub it, and then rinse it off. Isnt it simple?


Condition your hair using a good quality wig care conditioner:


An application of nice quality of conditioner will make sure a good health of hair and keep them away from freeze. Just take a small amount of conditioner on hand and apply smoothly and in uniform motion on hair. Mark, it strictly not to apply conditioner on hair roots as this may loosen the hair and make them fall from the wig base. It is always advisable to use a wide-toothed comb to detangle them. The step should be performed when hairs are already saturated with conditioner. But the headband does not need to apply conditioner.


Always prefer a good quality wig care product:


We agree that human hair wigs closely resemble natural hair still there is a difference in the hair care product use for your human hair wig and real hair. Everyone who wishes to look beautiful will spend good money on purchasing a standard quality wig then why not to buy an authentic and genuine wig care product to keep them safe and long-lasting. There is a separate product range specifically designed to suit hair wigs. The hairstylist strictly advises to purchase them only. Traditional shampoos can prove harsh on your wig hairs and also lack the ability to auto-healing.


 best curly hair headband wig human hair


Keep your headband wig at rest:


Like your original hairs, your headband wig hairs also go through the harsh treatment of pollutants, dust, smoke and whatnot. Although the basic concept behind wearing wigs is to protect the natural hairs from these outer agents, your headband wig needs rest too. To increase the life of your wig we strongly recommend not to use wigs too often and if possible, keep changing the wig. For that, you can always keep another wig pair in handy and make them use alternatively. This will definitely prevent the daily exposure of wigs to the external environment.


Consult your stylist as and when required:


Although headband wigs are available in different patterns and provide a great margin for styling of hair, we believe always consult or at least take opinion of your stylist when selecting the wig and also about upkeeping it. They will definitely help you with really effective and good tips for headband wig. If you are purchasing a newer type of wig than you are currently using them please ask your stylist about its usage. Whenever you need good advice for your wig; let it be a wig purchase or installation feel free to check out without available stylists.


Care while styling your headband wig hairs:


It is always beneficial for wig longevity to hang them on wigs stand when not in use by suitably detangling them. This headband will provide you with great looks if maintained properly. One of the greatest factors for wig styling is the type of styling tool you are using. The real human hair wigs are advised not to expose to heat-sensitive tools.


We also suggest keeping your human hair headband wig away from direct sunlight as this can cause the discoloration of wig hair color. You can always use a headband scarf or wide hat to prevent direct sunlight.


Never ever sleep while wearing a headband wig. In sleep, there is the great fear of tangling of hairs in between which may be difficult to detangle and can damage your hair. And wearing a headband wig to sleep is not conducive to scalp breathing. Strictly avoid the contact of your headband wig hair with any kind of chlorine and saltwater and also hot water. This will help to protect the luster and texture of your hair. Preferable use a wig stand smaller in size than wigs head.


 highlight color headband wig


Do not use harsh chemical hair spray:


The residue from the sprays can reside on the hair shaft and follicles and may lead to damage to hair. so it will be beneficial to say no to the harmful chemical spray. These residue buildups will add a greasy nature to hairs and make them look messy make you feel uncomfortable.


Excessive use of hair straighteners on wigs can lead to too much drying of wigs and make it lifeless. Heating damages the hair and make them devoid of their natural shine. Also, prevent your hairs from bleaching agents. They will make a tremendous change in the color and texture of your headband wig hairs. People often forget that hair care is more important than wearing a wig. To choose a headband wig that is more suitable for you, please read: Best Headband Wig You Must Have 2021 At Beautyforever


So, these were some guidelines about how to care for your headband wig. We are confident that this will definitely help you protect your headband wig and look stunning always. if you need any help or want to explore some more on a headband wig please visit our site.

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